Delta Airline employees, their families and guests can fly for a reduced rate or free, using a Delta Buddy Pass. Free flights – what a perk! However, they must fly standby, meaning they are not guaranteed seats on their round trip tickets – they can only fly if there are empty seats or open seats to give to the standby passengers on the standby list. Travel is subject to the availability of space at departure time, and is often not in first class. Buddy Passes cannot be used for business, according to Delta Airlines. These airline tickets can be for domestic flights or international flights for international travel.

How Do Buddy Passes Work?

A Delta employee can give Buddy Passes to family members and friends. The employee can also assist them with check-in, flight availability and refunds, if necessary. Pass holders can also contact Delta Reservations to check flight availability, but because they are not airline customers, they are encouraged to keep their calls short. A pass holder cannot use this standby ticket for a flight for which he has ever had a confirmed reservation.

Features of this Boarding Pass

Buddy Pass travelers can only be traveling for personal leisure travel, not business travel. If a flight is delayed or cancelled at the last minute, the pass holder is not entitled to any amenities or compensation that the airline may offer to regular customers, like hotel rooms or other travel benefits. That’s the downside of standby travel – you won’t hardly ever be in business class and you’re at the mercy of the airline. No flight benefits for you! Because seating is subject to availability at the time of departure, a party traveling together may not be able to sit together, and may not switch seats after take off. However, flight attendants can request that pass holders change seats, if necessary.

Behavior of Buddy Pass Riders

Delta Airlines considers holders of Buddy Passes to be representatives of the airline, and expects them to behave according to standard business etiquette while flying. Pass holders should adhere to a relaxed dress code and avoid unclean, inappropriate or provocative clothing, as well as offensive behavior. Disregarding airline policies may result in the revocation of Buddy Pass eligibility and serious consequences for the Delta employee who gave away the pass

Additional Information about this Companion Pass

Active Delta employees have priority over retired employees and dependents of an employee. A Delta employee traveling on a pass dressed in his work uniform may not drink alcohol on board a flight. Delta gate agents may refuse to board pass holders whose behavior they deem inappropriate. In case of delayed or lost luggage, the airline does not provide complimentary delivery, but will hold it at the destination airport or forward it to the nearest airport for pickup.

Travel Tips!

Other airlines have similar travel companion programs, like Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, and JetBlue.