When traveling by air, travelers must first purchase a flight ticket that allows them to fly to their destination. While buying the ticket there are a number of available options for consumers to choose from. To get the most out of your travel experience it is important to understand these choices and how they work, both together and independently.

One-Way Ticket

This is a type of ticket for one direction of travel only. It is ideal for travelers who do not require a return flight or for travelers who do not have an exact return date. Travelers who purchase one-way tickets must purchase a second ticket for return travel.

Round-trip Ticket

Round-trip tickets are tickets that allow the purchaser to travel to their destination and then back again. This type of ticket is for travelers who have plans to travel on specific dates.

First Class Ticket

First class tickets are a form of one-way or round-trip tickets that allow travelers to travel in first class. Because first class travelers have access to spacious seating, quality food, drink and other in-flight amenities, these tickets are often the most expensive type of ticket available. First class ticket holders also have access to the airport lounge while waiting for their flight and a variety of entertainment options on-board.

Business Class Ticket

This type of ticket allows the purchaser to sit in business class. It is a ticket that provides travelers with a more comfortable traveling experience than coach/economy. For example, one of the benefits of business class is increased leg room. However, it does not have the features or luxuries that are available to travelers carrying first class tickets.

Coach Ticket

Coach tickets are a type of ticket in which fliers travel in coach or economy class. This is the most basic means of travel and it is also the least expensive. Holders of coach tickets are often given limited snacks and drink and other comfort features such as leg room are limited.

Non-refundable tickets

This type of ticket is often purchased at a discount and is not eligible for a refund. Travelers who are unable to travel on the date or dates that are specified may request that the carrier transfer the ticket to another time. Rules regarding transferring travel dates with non-refundable tickets may vary from one carrier to another and a re-issuing fee or penalty may apply.

Refundable ticket

Refundable tickets are a ticket type that is eligible for a refund. Travelers that request a refund are not charged a fee or penalty.