Sometimes, we all just need a break. The kids are going crazy, work is tough, and we just need some quality time alone with your most loved one. If this describes you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for a quick road trip, a romantic weekend, or anything in between, we can help you find what you need. From romantic hotels to cute vacation rentals with cozy guest rooms, these are some of the best romantic getaways from Austin, Texas.

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‌Romantic Day Trips From Austin‌

‌Weekend Getaways for Couples From Austin‌

‌Best Couples Getaways From Austin‌

Romantic Day Trips From Austin

If you and your partner need some romantic alone time but don't have the time to be away for long, these are the perfect destinations for you. These couples getaways from Austin can be reached in a short drive, but you'll still feel like you've left the stresses of daily life in Austin far, far behind. Whether you prefer the quiet countryside or the alluring nightlife, you're sure to have a romantic day you won't soon forget.

1. Bastrop, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ Nature lovers
  • Highlights of Bastrop:
    • Forests
    • Colorado River
    • Small-town Texas living

‌Things to Do in Bastrop‌

Quite close to Austin, Bastrop is the perfect place for a quick and romantic getaway. See the Colorado like you've never seen it before, far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin. Bastrop is also well known for its many forests, including Bastrop State Park, which I can personally recommend as I spent a lot of time there as a child. The towering oaks and pecan trees are a reminder of the beauty and power of nature, and a perfect place to relax with someone you love.

‌How to Get to Bastrop‌

Bastrop is just far enough from Austin to give you that vacation feeling, while still close enough to easily reach for a quick trip. Just head east on TX-71 and you'll be there in about half an hour.

‌Where to Stay in Bastrop‌

A beautiful resort hotel on the south shore of Lake Bastrop, The Reserve at Greenleaf offers romantic and cozy cottage rentals, with access to the area's kayaking, hiking, and nature trails.

The Reserve at Greenleaf Austin Book Now

A unique tree house getaway in the 42-acre Lost Pine Forest of Bastrop, Texas, this destination offers a sweet and secluded retreat for a couple and their pets.

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2. Fredericksburg, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ Small-town enjoyers
  • Highlights of Fredericksburg:
    • Pedernales River
    • Wineries
    • Antique Shops
    • Peaches

‌Things to Do in Fredericksburg‌

The Pedernales River flows through the picturesque country around the town of Fredericksburg, a destination well documented for its wineries and antique stores. If you've ever been to Wimberley and enjoyed it, you’re sure to love Fredericksburg. Nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, it's a quaint Texan town that provides a wonderful place for you and your partner to celebrate your love. Breathtaking views, beautiful sunsets, and the famous Fredericksburg peaches will add a lovely flavor to any romantic trip.

‌How to Get to Fredericksburg‌

Getting to Fredericksburg couldn't be easier! It's just a quick, 90-minute drive west on US-290. On the way you'll pass through more cute Texas towns like Dripping Springs and Johnson City.

‌Where to Stay in Fredericksburg‌

The Full Moon Inn is a bed and breakfast in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, situated near over one hundred vineyards, and the Bluebonnet Trail, where in some lucky seasons great blossomings of bluebonnet flowers can be seen. The Full Moon Inn offers a variety of accommodations, including pet-friendly rooms and private cottages.

The Full Moon Inn Book Now

This inexpensive and historic Fredericksburg rental is a perfect destination for a couple. The cozy, thoughtfully decorated, and warmly lit 1890s farmhouse is nestled in a small and private tree-sheltered garden, close to the area's vineyards, hiking trails, and Fredericksburg's restaurants, museums, and historical landmarks.

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3. San Antonio, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ City folk
  • Highlights of San Antonio:
    • The Riverwalk
    • Scrumptious cuisine
    • Marriage Island

‌Things to Do in San Antonio‌

San Antonio is one of the biggest cities in Texas, and it's chock full of fun things to do. One of the most romantic is the Riverwalk, the main street of the city. One of the most popular activities to do on the Riverwalk, especially for first-time visitors, is a boat tour. There are also plenty of charming and delicious restaurants nearby. Head to Acenar for some world-class Tex-Mex, or Bella on the River for Mediterranean that's to die for. You can also check out the aptly named Marriage Island, a place sure to spark romantic feelings for any couple. And of course, no trip to San Antonio is complete without going to see the Alamo.

‌How to Get to San Antonio‌

San Antonio is another quick and simple trip. Just head south down I-35 and you'll be there in 90 minutes. On the way you'll pass through lovely San Marcos and historic New Braunfels.

‌Where to Stay in San Antonio‌

The Éilan Hotel in San Antonio is a spa and resort located close to downtown San Antonio, offering luxurious and well-appointed rooms near the San Antonio River Walk and Shops at La Cantera. It also boasts in-room wifi and a relaxing outdoor pool.

The Éilan Hotel San Antonio Book Now

This apartment rental, located on the River Walk in the heart of downtown San Antonio, has an inviting Southwestern charm, and offers a view of the San Fernando Cathedral.

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Weekend Getaways for Couples From Austin

Have a bit more time on your hands? These weekend getaways for couples from Austin are perfect for a long weekend alone with your partner. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful parts of Texas, and it's full of wonder and adventure if you know where to look. Northern Texas is just as lovely, covered in rolling hills, spacious plains, and deep valleys. See the natural side of the Lone Star State with these beautiful destinations.

4. Galveston, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ The historic beach-lover
  • Highlights of Galveston:
    • Calming waves
    • Victorian architecture
    • Small town charm

‌Things to Do in Galveston‌

For couples interested in the beach and gorgeous architecture, Galveston is your one-stop-shop. It has over 32 miles of beach that are all open to the public, one of the largest and most well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the United States, and still has that small town charm even though it's located 40 miles south of Houston. Dining and accommodations run the gamut from budget finds to luxurious experiences, as well as many quaint bed and breakfast establishments.

‌How to Get to Galveston‌

Galveston is a bit further away, but it's a beautiful drive and well worth it. Head east on TX-71 out of the city, hop on over to I-10 in the tiny town of Gidden, and once you hit Houston I-45 will take you the rest of the way. It's a scenic three-hour drive, and you'll be plenty ready to hit the beach by the time you get there.

‌Where to Stay in Galveston‌

The Oleander Hotel offers luxurious and stylish rooms, as well as a private guest house, within a short walk from downtown Galveston, near the beach and Pleasure Pier. This boutique hotel has everything you could want from your stay in Galveston.

The Oleander Galveston Book Now

This richly furnished beachfront condominium offers a unique and spectacular view of both the Gulf and the Galveston skyline, making it a luxurious romantic getaway at the beach.

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5. Padre Island, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ The classic beach-lover
  • Highlights of Padre Island:
    • Natural beachfront
    • Wildlife
    • Culture and nature combined

‌Things to Do at Padre Island‌

Padre Island has some of the largest and most consistent waves on the Texas Gulf Coast. If you’ve gotten all you can from Lake Travis for a while and want to see some real water, this is the place for you. It also has a wide selection of hotels and condominiums that can easily fit within any budget. As for dining, Tex-Mex and fresh seafood restaurants are both popular favorites; however, between the island itself and the nearby town of Corpus Christi, you can find almost any type of cuisine you might be craving. For a romantic getaway, it's best to avoid going around spring break, as young adults tend to crowd the beaches and put a bit of a damper on the lovey-dovey atmosphere.

‌How to Get to Padre Island‌

About three and a half hours away, the road to Padre Island is a scenic drive down to the gulf. Head south on I-35 to San Antonio, then hop onto I-37 southeast towards Corpus Christi. Once you get there it's just another 15 quick minutes and you'll be on the island.

‌Where to Stay on Padre Island‌

Lively Beach offers open, bright, and spacious rooms with grand beachfront views, and secluded beach access via a private boardwalk. The entire resort is surrounded by native grasses, dunes, and estuaries, home to local Texas wildlife.

Lively Beach Hotel Book Now

This top floor condo on South Padre Island facing the ocean has high ceilings and tall windows, offering a fantastic view of the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.

VRBO condo Padre Island, Texas Book Now

6. Graham, Texas

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  • Perfect for:‌ Historians
  • Highlights of Graham:
    • Historic downtown square
    • Courthouse Archway
    • National Theatre of Graham

‌Things to Do in Graham‌

Graham is a lovely and romantic taste of Texas history. Boasting the largest downtown square in America, it's full of wonderful places for couples to explore. Visit the Courthouse Archway for some architectural history, or the National Theatre of Graham for the cinephiles among us. Graham offers a wonderful way for any couple to spend a weekend, dreaming of days gone by.

‌How to Get to Graham‌

Graham is a bit of a longer drive, about four hours from Austin and two and a half hours west of Dallas-Fort Worth. Head out of the city on US-183, then it's a beautiful journey north on US-281. You'll pass through some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Texas has to offer.

‌Where to Stay in Graham‌

Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa offers weekend getaway packages that change nearly every month. Packages include accommodations at the rustic property, gift cards to the Wildcatter Steakhouse, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, and a ranch-style breakfast. On-site activities include horseback riding, clay shooting, canoeing, swimming, and a fitness center.

Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa Texas Book Now

The Cottage on Lake Graham has a charming and stylish interior, painted in soft blue tones and outfitted with comfortable furniture. The upstairs loft and spacious reading nook with room for two offer romantic views of Lake Graham.

VRBO Cottage on Lake Graham Book Now

Best Couples Getaways From Austin

Texas isn't the only place for couples to unwind, and if you have the time and budget, these destinations can't be missed. With the whole range of the American Southwest at your disposal, unforgettable memories are yours for the taking. Romantic paradise is just a short flight away.

7. Shreveport, Louisiana

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  • Perfect for:‌ Cultural connoisseurs
  • Highlights of Shreveport:
    • Shreveport Symphony Orchestra
    • Strand Theater
    • Shreveport Opera

‌Things to Do in Shreveport‌

Downtown Shreveport's art and theater district is just the place for a romantic night on the town. Visit the Strand Theatre to take in a Broadway musical, a ballet, and live music performances. The beauty of the historic building, from the chandeliers to the ornate woodwork, adds to its romantic ambiance. Head over to the Riverview Theater with your love to hear the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra perform classic symphonies as well as modern popular music, or watch the drama unfold during a classic performance by the Shreveport Opera.

‌How to Get to Shreveport‌

Shreveport is just a quick, three-hour flight from Austin-Bergstrom. You'll fly into their small, regional airport and from there you can head anywhere you want in the city.

‌Where to Stay in Shreveport‌

Fairfield Place is a smaller and more intimate bed and breakfast with only eight rooms, each with distinct decor. Some of the rooms have a two-person, claw-foot bathtub for you and your sweetheart. It also includes a full breakfast and complimentary wine daily.

Fairfield Place Louisiana Book Now

This gorgeous and spacious riverfront property on Old River in Broadmoor Terrace offers a fully fenced backyard, a private pool, a wood-burning fireplace, and lovely views of the water.

VRBO rental Shreveport, Louisiana Book Now

8. Pensacola, Florida

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  • Perfect for:‌ Historic charm
  • Highlights of Pensacola:
    • White sand beaches
    • Historic museums
    • Beautiful ocean waters

‌Things to Do in Pensacola‌

Stroll hand-in-hand along the Pensacola shore, watching as the sun sets over the water while you and your sweetheart relax and let all of your worries drift away. The Florida city is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by Santa Rosa Island, and is the perfect romantic getaway destination. Its white sand beaches and historic museums are perfect to enjoy over a long weekend, as are the delicious culinary options.

‌How to Get to Pensacola‌

Pensacola is another short, three-hour flight from Austin-Bergstrom. You'll fly in over the beautiful Florida landscape, and land at Pensacola International Airport to start your getaway.

‌Where to Stay in Pensacola‌

Margaritaville isn't just a fictional location in a Jimmy Buffett tune. It's an actual resort in Pensacola, right on the waterfront at Pensacola Beach. Book a room with a Gulf view to wake up to the ocean and be sure to schedule a massage. The hotel offers tons of activities, including bicycling, kayaking, snorkeling and fishing trips, so adventure-seeking couples have lots to bond over.

Margaritaville Pensacola, Florida Book Now

The gentle rocking of the waves can lull you and your traveling companion to sleep in this houseboat in Seville Harbour. Guests have access to the amenities of Seville Marina, and are a short walk from Seville Square, the highlight of the city's historic district that was an outpost dating to 1752, and Bartram Park.

VRBO rental Pensacola, Florida Book Now

9. Sedona, Arizona

  • Perfect for:‌ Amateur geologists
  • Highlights of Sedona:
    • Horseback riding
    • Hot air balloons
    • Amazing rock formations

‌Things to Do in Sedona‌

Nicknamed "Red Rock Country" for its distinct geological features and amazing views, Sedona has long been a romantic getaway destination. Popular year-round, couples can come to Sedona to enjoy time in a quiet canyon cabin or at a luxurious full-service resort. Sign up for a spa session, go horseback riding, or take a hot air balloon ride together to savor the sights of Sedona.

‌How to Get to Sedona‌

Sedona is a bit further away, but the seclusion and romantic vibes are worth the longer journey. The best options are either a two-hour flight into Phoenix and a 90-minute drive to Sedona, or a somewhat longer flight to Flagstaff and a much shorter, 19-mile drive. Either way you'll get to experience some of the natural beauty of Arizona on your way.

‌Where to Stay in Sedona‌

Set in Boynton Canyon, Enchantment Resort was named the third best resort in the United States and Canada by Travel and Leisure Magazine. It's on-site spa, Mii Amo, has been awarded the title of top Destination Spa in the world. The resort is a collection of romantic casitas and suites set on 70 acres of land. Guests can take walking tours, see cooking demonstrations, golf, play tennis or relax in the pool.

Enchantment Resort Sedona, Arizona Book Now

This condo in Uptown Sedona offers fabulous views of Red Rock from its spacious balcony. Golden sunsets, clear skies, and starlit nights make this a beautiful and romantic getaway for any couple.

VRBO condo Sedona, Arizona Book Now

And thus, fellow travelers, we conclude our journey through the best weekend getaways for couples in all of Central Texas and beyond. Whether your idea of romance is a hot tub or a national park, I hope I’ve given you some ideas for you and your companion’s next trip. Until next time, friends.