Planning a destination marriage proposal is exciting but tricky. Whether you’re headed to romantic Paris, sunny Hawaii or her hometown in Georgia, wrap up all the loose ends before you depart. Along with booking a place to stay and researching activities, you’ll need to plan your proposal and figure out how to get the ring through airport security. Because when you’ve taken the time to plan such a spectacular proposal, the last thing you need is for your girlfriend to see the engagement ring when airport security pulls it out of your bag.

Packing the Ring

Step 1.

Nestle the ring into the box it came in. Typically, there’s a small pillow or cushion inside to hold it securely in place. Close the box. Although you might be tempted to leave the ring out of the box so it’s less obtrusive, this can be dangerous. The box will keep the ring safe and secure.

Step 2.

Avoid wrapping the box. Airport security can ask you to unwrap any wrapped packages -- which would certainly ruin the surprise if your girlfriend is standing nearby.

Step 3.

Attach a small note to the box with tape or a rubber band. On the note, write a simple message concerning the contents of the box. For example, you might write, “Engagement ring inside. Please be discreet.” If a security officer happens to see this note during a search, your secret will hopefully remain safe.

Step 4.

Slide the box into a clean sock, glove or something similar. Ideally, it will be an item that won’t seem unusual for you to have in your bag. This step just gives you another layer of protection in case your bag is searched and your girlfriend glances at the contents.

Step 5.

Tuck the item into the bottom of your carry-on bag. Obviously, you don’t want it to look like you are hiding something. But you’ll want to keep it tucked away in case your girlfriend peeks into the bag.

Step 6.

Fill the rest of your carry-on bag with safe items that won’t attract attention, such as a sweater and a few magazines or a book. Although you might be tempted to fill the bag with electronic devices or toiletries, these could prompt a search.

Step 7.

Watch your carry-on bag as it goes through the scanner. If the officers stop it and prepare to search, try distracting your girlfriend somehow. Ask her to gather her things or head over to the gift shop for a magazine or snack.

Things You Will Need
  • Engagement ring

  • Ring box

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • Tape or rubber band

  • Sock or glove

  • Carry-on bag

  • Miscellaneous items