Giving birth does not mean that your traveling and adventurous life need to end. While new mothers should ensure their safety and well-being on trips, they can still travel safely in most situations. Generally, you will not have to wait long to travel after delivering a child. Most complications from childbirth occur relatively soon after delivery, and if you have no complications, you can travel shortly thereafter, provided you take a few precautionary steps to ensure your health.

Before You Leave

Consult with your OB and pediatrician to ensure that travel is safe. Everyone's body is different; some women may take longer to recover from childbirth than others. Furthermore, your infant's immune system is still developing, making her at an increased risk of infection, which is a concern that you can discuss with your health care providers.

Wait one to two weeks after delivery to travel if you gave birth vaginally, or wait three to four weeks if you gave birth by Cesarean section. Obstetrician Russell Turk at the BabyCenter recommends this time frame; most complications from vaginal birth arise within the first week or two, and those from C-section most often occur within a few days. If you are past these time frames, you most likely will not experience any side effects. However, prolonged fatigue and pain from the procedure may set in a bit later.

Find the nearest medical care location to your destination, in the event of an emergency and for your own peace of mind.

Purchase comfortable clothing for your trip. Travel may be more taxing on your body post-delivery, so pack clothing that is as comfortable as possible.

Pack any medical records if complications occurred during your delivery. These papers will be vital should you need medical attention.

While Traveling

Stand up regularly to walk and stretch. Ideally, you should stretch and walk at least once an hour, so if you are traveling by car, plan to make plenty of stops along the way. Standing will prevent blood clots from forming, which women have an increased chance of suffering after giving birth.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated during travel.

Know the location of the nearest medical support, both at your destination and along the way.

Things You Will Need
  • Comfortable clothing

  • Medical records


One of the most important factors that will ensure a pleasant trip is your comfort. Wear appropriate clothing and ensure that your mode of transportation will provide for your maximum comfort level.


Dr. Turk recommends listening to your own body. If you are in pain and do not feel it appropriate to travel, postpone your trip.

Always consult with your medical professional to receive official recommendations.