Does schlepping a giant suitcase all over the cobblestone streets of Rome sound like your dream vacation? Didn't think so. The best way to see a new place is by doing so without your hands full of luggage, which allows you to snap photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, devour slices of pizza in Naples and climb the stairs of il Duomo in Florence. Luckily, there are plenty of places to store your luggage while traveling in Italy; where you do so depends on where you're staying and for how long.

Pay for Storage Lockers at the Train Station

For travelers that are just passing through via train for the day and don't want to carry around heavy suitcases and backpacks, storage lockers at the train station are the way to go. Most, if not all, major train stations in Italy have a luggage checking service or storage lockers specifically for this purpose. Expect to pay between $10 and $15 per day on average, and try to squeeze two bags into one locker to save money. Also, keep in mind that train stations are the best places to get food and water for the day, rent bikes and take cash out of an ATM.

Use Your Hotel's Safe or Lockers

Most travelers will find that the easiest option, by far, is to simply store luggage at your hotel or hostel. Even if you've already checked out, most places will still let you keep your stuff there for free. Inquire at the front desk about options for safes and lockers. Just be sure to leave a tip if you give your luggage to a porter.

Keep Your Bags at the Airport 

Another simple, safe option is to keep your luggage at the airport; this is particularly handy if you have a layover or free day without a hotel to house your belongings. Keep in mind that, in major hubs like Rome's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (in Terminal 3), this is an option; however, if you're at a smaller airport, it may not be. Check ahead of time by visiting the airport's website so you're not left having to carry your bags around everywhere.

Ask the Tourism Office

When all else fails, head to the local tourism office. In some cases, Italian tourism offices will allow travelers to stash their bags there for a small fee. Even if the office doesn't allow you to do this, they'll be able to direct you to a place that will. Plus, this is also a great time to stock up on maps, find out about local transit, ask questions and figure out your sightseeing plans for the day.