Colombian citizens need passports to travel around the world. They also need a passport to return to Columbia, their home country. The passport shows that you are a resident of the country. Colombia passports might require the occasional renewal. You can renew your passport at a Colombian embassy near you or directly in bogota or medellin. Embassies and consulars are located around the world for your convenience. If you allow your passport to expire, you might have to pay high fees to get it reinstated.

Find the Colombian gov embassy or colombian consulate nearest you. Call the phone number to make an appointment to get a new passport. If it is an emergency passport and you can’t wait the processing time, it might be a more complicated endeavor and you’ll have to go to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Gather three color photographs of yourself. They must be 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm and have a plain white background so it can be machine readable for your passport photo. You’ll also need your birth certificate along with other ID cards like your marriage certificate and name change if applicable . These will be part of the passport application form for your Colombian passport.

Create two copies of the first page of your passport.

Gather your Certificate of Colombian Citizenship (Cédula de Ciudadanía Colombiana) to prove your colombian nationality.

Go to your appointment and show the consulate agent your photographs, passport copies, previous passport, and Certificate of Colombian Citizenship. Fill out the passport renewal form and pay the fee.