Airlines that have transatlantic and other extended flights often offer their passengers the option of a pod-seat chair accommodation. These lie-flat seats recline further than the typical airline seats, and in most cases, recline a complete 180 degrees into a flat bed. These are offered as an option in first-class seats and above seating areas and may come with an amenity kit perfect for long-haul flights.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

The upper class sections of Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747s offer 44 flat-bed seat pods. When these seats are reclined fully to 180 degrees, they offer passengers the same space as a bed.

Mexicana Airlines

Mexicana Airlines Boeing 767s offer 40 mini-pod seats in the MexicanaElite section; these seats recline, but not completely flat. While most pod seats are advertised to recline 180 degrees into a flat bed, these seats recline 175 degrees. Passengers can still kick back as if in a reclining chair, but they will not be laying flat as if in bed.

Royal Brunei

The Royal Brunei Boeing 767s offer business-class passengers 23 SkyDreamer pod seats that recline 77 degrees. They will not lay horizontal to form a bed, but they recline much further than a typical economy-class seat to offer passengers more comfort.

British Airways

The British Airways Boeing 777s offer 14 first-class passengers flat-bed sleeping pods that recline 180 degrees. They also offer 48 flat-bed seats for Club World travelers that recline fully into beds as well.


The Delta One lay-flat experience offers plenty of armrest and legroom with the ability to fully recline, the experience is exclusively for long-haul domestic flights and international flights. Flat bed accommodations are available on several planes including the airbus-220. Additional perks may be accessible to SkyMiles rewards members.

American Airlines

American offers flay lay seats on several aircraft including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Multiple flight destinations offer the upper business class seats and luxury air travel feel, some including New York City (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), and Dallas (DFW). As standard for American, in flight entertainment is available as well as wifi purchased via debit or credit card for select flights.

Additional airlines that offer flat bed seating include United Airlines, Air France, Japan Airlines, and Mint travel through Jetblue. Most flat lay seats will be in first class or premium economy, with airlines like Emirates or Singapore Airlines offering first class suites. Air New Zealand offers a unique economy experience called a sky couch where a block or seats are reserved and bedding such as a duvet is provided to allow a comfortable lay flat experience.