With air service to five continents around the world, a frequent flier program that shares its miles between seven other airlines, and first class service that includes a personal car and driver to escort you to your plane, there's a lot to love about Air France. Here's one more thing to appreciate: Every fare class is eligible for an upgrade, even basic economy.

Last-Minute Upgrades May Be Available

If you're hoping to snag an upgraded seat without paying full price for a first class or business class ticket, keep your eyes peeled during your check-in process. Up to 48 hours before the flight departs you may have the option to pay for a discounted upgrade online, call customer service, or upgrade when you check in. You can pay for any of these upgrades using cash, Flying Blue frequent flier miles or a combination of the two, but act fast: This option goes away once all possible upgrades are taken. Believe it or not, if seats are still available when you board the plane, you can even upgrade while on board – although you'll still need to pay.

Upgrades for Flying Blue Members

If you're a member of Flying Blue, the shared loyalty program of Air France and seven other airlines including KLM and Kenya Airways, you have the option of making your upgrades using miles only. When seats are available, you can upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy for as few as 7,500 frequent flier miles; from Premium Economy to Business Class for as few as 10,000 frequent flier miles; or from Economy to Business for 15,000 frequent flier miles and up. Upgrade prices depend on the length of the flight, so longer flights cost more, with prices increasing to more than 90,000 miles for upgrades from North America to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Flying Blue miles are earned per euro spent on tickets and other services through the participating airlines. The higher the ticket class you purchase, the more miles you'll earn per euro.


If you're already flying on an award ticket that was booked using frequent flier miles, you can't upgrade using miles too.

A Cash-Only Upgrade

If you're flying Economy, consider the cash-only upgrade to Seat Plus. These seats in the Economy cabin offer just one perk – extra leg room – and, as with all other cash upgrades, the price depends on the length of your flight. Request this upgrade when you book your ticket, when you check in or at the airport.

The Perks of Premium Economy

Looking for reasons to upgrade? Consider the perks of Air France's upgraded ticket classes. The lowest upgrade class, Premium Economy, features more comfortable, contoured reclining seats, with fleece blankets, a feather pillow and a complementary personal care travel kit. You'll also have access to Air France's airport lounges, priority access throughout the airport (including boarding), a personal storage compartment and an extra allowance for checked luggage and hand luggage.

Business Class Benefits

Available on some intercontinental flights, business class includes a personal "pod" that converts between lay-flat bed, a desk and a dining table. Each passenger gets direct access to the aisle and the use of a down pillow, duvet, noise-reducing headphones and a mirror, along with a personal storage area and charging ports for your personal electronics. You'll also receive a complementary travel kit and enjoy adjustable lighting and a 16-inch HD touchscreen entertainment center from your seat.

First Class Benefits

Air France takes its First Class, or La Premiere, class passengers very seriously. The experience begins with a personal curbside greeting and check-in while a porter handles your luggage, access to the La Premiere lounge, priority passage through security, a car ride to board the plane at your leisure, and personalized escorts and priority access at connections and baggage claim area. The La Premiere seating on the plane is essentially a suite featuring luxurious wood and leather, a memory foam mattress in the convertible seat/bed, and fine French cuisine.