Passengers on Greyhound Lines may bring their belongings in suitcases, duffel bags or securely tied cardboard boxes. Luggage is stowed in the luggage compartment in the bottom part of the bus. Because space is at a premium, Greyhound has specific requirements for size and weight, and for safety and security reasons, limitations are imposed as to what you may transport on the buses. As with any public transportation, passengers should be familiar with luggage requirements and limitations.

General Information

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All bags transported by Greyhound must be tagged with an identification tag and a claim check issued by Greyhound. Passengers are responsible for transporting their own luggage to the bus for storage by the baggage handler; however, passengers requiring assistance with their bags, such as elderly or disabled passengers or parents with small children, may obtain a special handling identification tag issued at the ticket counter. Passengers must pick up luggage at their destination or for transfer to another bus.

Checked Luggage

One piece of checked luggage is permitted at no charge for each adult or child ticket purchased, as long as it meets the size and weight requirements. One additional bag is permitted for adults only, but a fee is charged for the additional bag. Checked bags can weigh no more than 50 pounds, and they must be no more than 62 inches in overall size when the length, width and height dimensions of the bags are added together. A fee is assessed for bags that exceed the size limits.

Passengers are prohibited from transporting firearms, explosives, chemicals, combustible materials or hazardous materials on the bus or in checked luggage.

Carry-on Bags

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One small bag is permitted on board the bus for each child and adult passenger. The bags must fit in either the overhead compartment or under the seat. Passengers can bring computers on board as a carry-on item, but they may not stow them in the luggage compartment. Passengers should carry all money and prescription medications on board the bus.


Greyhound Lines limits its liability for damage to luggage to $250 for checked bags for each adult ticket and $125 for each child’s ticket. Over-sized, overweight or additional bags are limited to $100 liability. For a fee of up to $1,000, you can insure your bags. Lost or delayed bags will be delivered only to addresses within the continental United States; for other locations, passengers must make their own arrangements for delivery. Greyhound accepts no liability for carry-on luggage.