Things You Will Need
  • Hard-sided container

  • Keyed or combination lock

Delta Airlines permits weapons, including knives, firearms and ammunition, to be checked in on flights if they are each packaged separately, unloaded and locked. Each ticketed passenger may check up to 11 pounds of ammunition. Gunpowder, pepper spray and tear gas are never permitted on Delta flights. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prohibits any weapons or ammunition from being carried on a commercial flight. Violators of Delta Airlines and TSA policies are subject to criminal prosecution and fines up to $10,000.

Pack Weapons and Ammunition

Unload weapons prior to packing. Delta Airlines and the TSA require that all ammunition is removed from weapons and packaged in fiber (cardboard or wood) designed to carry ammunition. Ammunition may be packed in the same case as the weapon.

Pack weapons in a hard-sided case. Up to four rifles and shotguns may be packed in the same case, and up to five handguns are permitted in one case. Cases carrying more than two rifles or shotguns will be assessed an excess baggage fee.

All Getaways

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Lock the hard-sided case securely and check for breach points. The TSA defines a locked container as "one that completely secures the firearm from access by anyone other than you." If a case can be easily opened without a key or knowledge of the lock combination, the TSA and Delta Airlines will refuse to check it.

Check the Weapon

Inform ticket counter attendants that you are checking a weapon. TSA regulations require that all passengers with weapons must notify clerks and ticket counter attendants before checking in for a flight.

Surrender the case containing the weapon and the key, if available, to the ticket counter agent. The ticket counter agent may request that a TSA security officer inspect your weapon case and its contents.

Lock and secure the weapon after it has been inspected. After approval, the ticket counter agent will check your bag according to normal Delta Airlines procedures.


Inform TSA security officers you will be checking a weapon before approaching the ticket counter.

Weapons must be checked at the main Delta Airlines ticket counter.

Procure permits required for your weapon at your destination before traveling.


Learn the weapon laws in your destination prior to checking weapons on Delta Airlines to avoid confiscation or participating in illegal transportation of weapons.

Do not check weapons using the curbside check-in service.

Ammunition weighing more than 11 pounds is never allowed on Delta Airlines.

Ammunition that may contain projectiles is never allowed on Delta Airlines.

Tear gas, mace and gunpowder are never allowed on Delta Airlines.