Located in the Lone Star State, Houston is a captivating destination with a diverse and distinct character. This vibrant metropolis offers a wide range of experiences catering to various interests. Houston stands out for its remarkable cultural variety, with neighborhoods representing diverse communities.

Houston is home to world-class museums, such as the Menil Collection, offering captivating exhibitions for art enthusiasts. The city's historical significance is evident through landmarks dating back to the 19th century, like the historic San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site and the Sam Houston Park, providing a glimpse into Texas' rich history and heritage.

As the sun sets, Houston's nightlife comes alive. The vibrant downtown area offers trendy bars and live music venues, while entertainment districts like Washington Avenue and Rice Village bustle with activity, ensuring plenty of options for an exciting evening out.

If you're interested in attractions such as the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Zoo, or the Kemah Boardwalk (described below), consider getting a Houston CityPass. You can get 49% off on admission to 5 major Houston attractions.

Quick Answer: Best Weekend Getaways in Houston

‌Cool & Unique Areas of Houston‌

‌Hidden Gems of Houston‌

Most Popular Neighborhoods in Houston

If you're searching for a fantastic residential retreat in Houston, these destinations make for an excellent choice. With numerous options, these neighborhoods are our most sought-after picks for a weekend trip to Houston.

1. Montrose

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  • Perfect for:‌ Nightlife and food lovers
  • Highlights of Montrose:
    • Only 36 minutes from the airport
    • Moderately priced hotels
    • Walking distance to many restaurants

‌How to Get to Montrose‌

Traveling from downtown Houston to Montrose is a breeze, with just a 13-minute drive eastward on Westheimer Road towards California Street. Upon reaching Louisiana Street, turn left and continue until you reach Rusk Street in the downtown area.

‌Things to Do in Montrose‌

Montrose is famous for its vibrant culture, exceptional dining establishments, boutiques, energetic live music scene, and vibrant nightlife, offering a chance to savor it all in one go. The ambiance in Montrose is relaxed and charming, yet infused with an urban and trendy vibe.

A great many of its residents have called Montrose home for numerous years and take pleasure in warmly embracing visitors.

A multitude of neighborhood pubs and lounges offer a delightful combination of live entertainment, delectable cuisine, flavorful cocktails, and delightful companionship. Boheme, Boondocks, and The Flat are among the highly sought-after destinations in Montrose.

‌Where to Stay in Montrose‌

Montrose Houston boasts many stunning Airbnb options to consider for your upcoming stay. We highly recommend this conveniently situated spot that provides all the essentials for a fantastic weekend getaway. Its convenient location makes it easy to discover and experience the charm of Montrose on foot.

Montrose Airbnb Book Now

Additionally, if you prefer a bed-and-breakfast experience with convenient access to restaurants, nightlife, and local attractions, we suggest considering La Maison Hotel in Montrose. It offers a delightful stay and proximity to the fascinating atmosphere of the area.

La Maison Hotel Houston Book Now

2. Museum District

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  • Perfect for:‌ Lovers of historic architecture
  • Highlights of Museum District:
    • Only 22 minutes from the airport
    • Many art galleries and museums
    • Walking distance to restaurants

‌How to Get to the Museum District‌

The journey to the Museum District from Hobby Airport involves a quick 22-minute drive in the eastern direction on Airport Boulevard. Along the way, you'll encounter Broadway Street before reaching the I-45 North ramp, which connects to U.S. 59 South. Follow U.S. 59 South Highway until you reach Crawford Street, which will guide you to the Museum District.

‌Things to Do in the Museum District‌

The Museum District boasts many attractions, including events, landmarks, and museums. It is a perfect destination for those who appreciate historic architecture.

Whether you prefer strolling on foot or exploring by car, you'll be enthralled by the renowned landmarks Texas offers. Among the must-visit destinations in the district are the Contemporary Arts Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, which both locals and visitors adore.

‌Where to Stay in the Museum District‌

One highly recommended Airbnb provides the convenience of walking or biking to local museums, art galleries, the Galleria, downtown, and more. It offers a centralized location close to Houston's historic sites, making it an ideal choice for short weekend getaways and longer trips. This Airbnb stands out from other rentals and allows you to enjoy nearby attractions.

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For a more luxurious experience, we suggest considering Hotel ZaZa, an upscale hotel nestled in the heart of the Museum District. It offers easy access to the Texas Medical Center, downtown, and other prominent areas of Houston. With its lavish amenities, this hotel will surely exceed your expectations.

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3. Downtown

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fans of cultural activities
  • Highlights of Downtown:
    • Only 18 minutes from the airport
    • Take an Uber or a Lyft
    • Moderately priced Airbnbs
    • Walking distance to many events

‌How to Get to Downtown‌

Traveling from William Hobby Airport to downtown Houston is a quick 18-minute drive in the eastern direction along Airport Boulevard. As you continue, you'll merge onto the Gulf Freeway and follow the indications for the Pease Street exit. Upon reaching Pease Street, proceed to Capitol Street, connecting you directly to downtown.

‌Things to Do in Downtown‌

Downtown Houston is a bustling activity hub that offers many entertainment options. It is renowned for its live events, delightful happy hours, captivating Cabaret shows, and soulful Jazz Sundays.

Downtown Houston is a must-visit destination if you sincerely appreciate art and culture. You can immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the Houston Symphony, indulge in a lively Jazz Happy Hour, or experience the unique allure of the Drunk Shakespeare Society at the Emerald Theatre. Downtown always delivers a memorable experience.

Throughout the year, downtown Houston remains a popular destination, but the summer season brings an extra dose of excitement. Embrace the summer vibes by joining a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga session at Discovery Green, diving into the world of comics at Comicpalooza held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, or treating yourself to a Broadway show at the Hobby Center, where theatrical masterpieces like "Wicked" and others come to life.

Downtown Houston truly shines during the summer, providing a delightful array of activities for everyone to enjoy.

‌Where to Stay in Downtown‌

We have a fantastic suggestion for your accommodation needs in downtown Houston: an elegant Airbnb in the city's heart. This stylish option ensures convenience, as it is just a 5-minute walk away from various amenities, including ice cream shops and the renowned Houston Toyota Center, where you can catch an exhilarating Houston Rockets game or attend a thrilling live concert.

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Furthermore, we highly recommend considering the AC Hotel Houston Downtown. With various guest rooms and an array of enticing features, this hotel will meet your preferences. Enjoy a delightful European-inspired breakfast to kick-start your day, and take advantage of the in-house fitness center for a refreshing workout session.

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Cool & Unique Areas of Houston

For those seeking to uncover a new facet of Houston, we have a selection of brief road trips that can be completed in less than an hour of driving. Embark on these journeys to discover incredible getaway destinations near the city.

4. Tiki Island

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fishing and water enthusiasts
  • Highlights of Tiki Island:
    • Only 36 minutes from the airport
    • Navigate via car
    • Eclectic shops & water activities
    • Walking distance to many activities

‌How to Get to Tiki Island‌

Tiki Island is conveniently located just a 36-minute drive from William Hobby Airport. Head east on Airport Boulevard and take the I-45 South ramp toward exit four to begin your journey. Upon exiting, turn left and continue until you reach Hawaii Drive, which will lead you directly onto the island.

‌Things to Do on Tiki Island‌

Situated in the Galveston area along the Gulf of Mexico, Tiki Island is a haven for water enthusiasts and a paradise for fishermen. The possibilities are endless, with saltwater fishing, jet skiing, and kayaking opportunities. Additionally, you can stroll to one of the local shops or breweries for a refreshing drink before indulging in the abundant water activities that Tiki Island offers.

For a change of scenery, take a short drive to visit Moody Gardens and Pleasure Pier, both within approximately 15 minutes of each other. Regardless of your chosen activities, Tiki Island, will provide an unforgettable experience.

‌Where to Stay on Tiki Island‌

We highly recommend this Airbnb listing, which boasts an incredible island view, a boat deck/slip, and a prime fishing location for you and your guests. It offers the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy your stay.

Tiki Island tropical oasis Book Now

Additionally, consider Courtyard Galveston Island, a hotel that offers an oceanfront experience and many amenities that will surpass your expectations.

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5. Rice Military/Washington Corridor “Washington Avenue”

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  • Perfect for:‌ Lovers of convenience and culture
  • Highlights of the Rice Military/Washington Corridor:
    • Only 12 miles from the airport
    • Buzzing nightlife
    • Prestigious real estate
    • Uber or taxi

‌How to Get to the Rice Military/Washington Corridor‌

Rice Military/Washington Corridor, known to some locals as “Washington Avenue,” is about 12 miles from William Hobby Airport. You’ll start by going toward Gulf Freeway, then traveling along I-45 North toward Allen Parkway towards South Heights Boulevard, and then turn left toward Washington Avenue.

‌Things to Do in the Rice Military/Washington Corridor‌

Washington Avenue is a road in Houston, Texas that “connects” some of Houston’s most well-known neighborhoods. It’s common to find residents from all over Houston congregating on Washington Avenue on weekends due to the different options offered along the road.

Washington Avenue has the eclectic vibe of Austin, with some of the glam of Dallas, married with the convenience of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, all wrapped into one road. You can find some of Houston’s best restaurants and daiquiri shops along Washington Avenue.

Many people find parking and spend their entire night bar-hopping from one end of Washington Avenue to the next, similar to tourists in New Orleans. After partying, locals like to dip into one of the off-road restaurants for some grub before their next destination.

If you don’t want to spend time in Houston partying and would prefer some downtime during your getaway, you can spend the weekend exploring Buffalo Bayou Park, which sits along Houston’s waterway. Buffalo Bayou Park is a great place to relax, bike, picnic, or enjoy views of the Houston Skyline. Washington Avenue has something for everyone and is a must-see when visiting Houston.

‌Where to Stay in the Rice Military/Washington Corridor‌

When visiting Washington Avenue, we recommend an Airbnb located in Rice Military, which provides quick and convenient access to all Washington Avenue offers.

Charming Rice Military suite Book Now

Another excellent option for the weekend is the Lancaster Hotel which is about a 5-minute drive from Washington Avenue. Lancaster Hotel is an excellent alternative if you’d prefer to drive into the area instead of walking.

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6. Kemah Boardwalk

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fans of amusement parks and fun
  • Highlights of Kemah Boardwalk:
    • Walkable attractions
    • Only 30 minutes from the airport
    • Lots of rides and amusement

‌How to Get to Kemah Boardwalk‌

If you're traveling from William Hobby Airport, you'll be pleased to know that Kemah Boardwalk is a mere 30-minute drive away. Merge onto I-45 South and take the Nasa Road 1 exit. From there, turn onto Bradford Avenue and 215 Kipp Avenue in Kemah to reach your destination.

‌Things to Do in Kemah Boardwalk‌

Kemah Boardwalk is a haven of excitement for both couples and families. Take a romantic stroll along the scenic sea wall and indulge in a delicious meal at one of the many delightful restaurants along the boardwalk.

Imagine a fusion of the Santa Monica Pier's charm with the essence of a small-town atmosphere and the thrills of Six Flags. Kemah offers an enticing blend of amusement rides, entertainment, and a vibrant boardwalk experience reminiscent of a Riverwalk by the bay. Whether you're seeking food, rides, events, or fun-filled moments, Kemah has it all for everyone.

While Kemah Boardwalk isn't precisely a water park, it offers a fantastic array of waterfront restaurants, rides, games, and exhibits. Additionally, it lies close to other popular attractions, such as the renowned NASA Johnson Space Center. To maximize your Houston visit, we recommend getting a Houston City Pass, which allows you to save on admission to top Houston attractions.

‌Where to Stay in Kemah Boardwalk‌

We highly recommend the "Galloping Seahorse" Vrbo, located not far from the NASA Space Center, 6 miles from the Houston Space Center, and centrally positioned in the heart of Kemah. It provides the perfect base for your stay, ensuring convenience and easy access to all the attractions.

Galloping Seahorse Vrbo Book Now

Additionally, consider the Boardwalk Inn, the only hotel situated directly on Kemah Boardwalk. In addition to the attractions and entertainment on the boardwalk, the hotel offers a calendar of events hosted during your stay, ensuring that there is something to keep you entertained throughout your visit.

Boardwalk Inn Houston Book Now

Hidden Gems of Houston

For those eager to explore the hidden treasures of Houston, we have a selection of remarkable destinations that can be reached in under 4 hours by flight. Embark on a captivating journey and delve deeper into all Houston offers.

7. Fredericksburg

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fans of wineries and history
  • Highlights of Fredericksburg:
    • Historic parks and attractions
    • Located in the Texas Hill Country
    • Travel time is 57 minutes via plane
    • Lots of green space

‌How to Get to Fredericksburg‌

To reach Fredericksburg, the quickest option is to fly. However, for those who prefer a scenic route, the town can be reached by car in fewer than 4 hours.

‌Things to Do in Fredericksburg‌

Situated in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg features natural beauty and rolling hills. It is part of a region encompassing many small towns, with Fredericksburg being one of the notable ones.

The town is renowned for its wineries and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. If you have an appreciation for history and a love for nature, Fredericksburg is the ideal destination for you.

‌Where to Stay in Fredericksburg‌

When planning your visit to Fredericksburg, we recommend considering the Ace of Hearts Vrbo. This delightful getaway is conveniently located near Enchanted Rock, a natural area that offers breathtaking views, rock climbing adventures, and camping opportunities.

Ace of Hearts Vrbo Book Now

Additionally, Fredericksburg offers a range of hotels that provide a comfortable home away from home. One highly recommended option is the Inn on Barons Creek, which offers all the amenities you need for a pleasant stay, including Wi-Fi, free parking, a fitness center, and convenient access to the attractions of Fredericksburg.

Inn on Barons Creek Houston Book Now

8. Lake Conroe

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fans of boating and water sports
  • Highlights of Lake Conroe:
    • Large but calm waters
    • 53-minute drive from Houston
    • Margaritaville Lake Resort
    • Picturesque landscapes

‌How to Get to Lake Conroe‌

To travel from downtown Houston to Lake Conroe, head north toward Capitol Street and merge onto I-45 North. Continue on West Montgomery Street until you reach the scenic destination of Lake Conroe.

‌Things to Do in Lake Conroe‌

Lake Conroe is a haven for water enthusiasts, offering various activities. Upon arrival, you'll witness people enjoying jet skiing, fishing, dinner cruises, and kayaking. The possibilities at Lake Conroe are endless.

We also suggest visiting Margaritaville Lake Resort. This resort is renowned for its stunning lakefront setting, offering an authentic paradise experience.

‌Where to Stay in Lake Conroe‌

One rental stands out from a crowded field with its exceptional lakefront view and private fishing pier access. This stunning Lake Conroe Vrbo provides the perfect setting for relaxation, whether you choose to soak up the sun or spend quality time with your family fishing or sailing on the water.

Stunning Lake Conroe Vrbo Book Now

Additionally, we understand the importance of a good time, so we recommend considering Margaritaville Lake Resort. This resort offers private suites and lake cottages, providing an ambiance that will transport you to a much-needed getaway.

Margaritaville Lake Resort Houston Book Now

9. New Braunfels

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  • Perfect for:‌ Fans of scenic beauty
  • Highlights of New Braunfels:
    • Comal River
    • About a 1-hour flight from Houston
    • In the heart of the Texas Hill Country
    • Natural beauty and charm

‌How to Get to New Braunfels‌

You can reach New Braunfels by car, which will take about 2.5 hours. If you choose the scenic route and choose to drive, you can get there by taking I-45 North to I-10 West and then taking South Seguin Avenue; after driving for about 0.3 miles, you’ll arrive in New Braunfels.

Or you can catch it via plane, which will take roughly 1 hour and 3 minutes.

‌Things to Do in New Braunfels‌

New Braunfels is located in the Texas Hill Country — so like many of the other small towns throughout the hill country, it offers lush greenery, natural parks, lakefront views, and arguably crystal clear water.

New Braunfels also offers live music, excellent food, tubing down the Comal River, and scenic views. Regardless of what you choose to do in New Braunfels, you’re bound to take some incredible pictures while doing it.

‌Where to Stay in New Braunfels‌

With so many places to choose from, we hope to help you narrow it down. This Vrbo is located on the Guadalupe River and is dog-friendly so that you can bring your pets along for the ride.

New Braunfels Vrbo on the Guadalupe River Book Now

Another option is the Hilton Garden Inn, located close to Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Guadalupe River, and too many eateries to count. Pets are also allowed at the Hilton Garden Inn New Braunfels.

Hilton Garden Inn Book Now

10. Brenham

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  • Perfect for:‌ Modern luxury travelers
  • Highlights of Brenham:
    • Home of Blue Bell Creameries
    • 3 hours and 57 minutes from Houston via plane
    • Charming town
    • Friendly locals

‌How to Get to Brenham‌

Brenham is not easily accessible by car, so a flight is required to arrive at your destination. However, the approximately 3 hour and 57-minute flight is well worth the journey.

‌Things to Do in Brenham‌

Brenham is a culinary delight renowned for its fantastic food offerings and holds the distinction of being the birthplace of Blue Bell ice cream.

While visiting Brenham, we recommend indulging in delicious tacos and savoring the delightful ice cream as you explore the town. Additionally, immerse yourself in the local festivals and events, as the friendly and helpful residents of Brenham make these experiences even more enjoyable.

‌Where to Stay in Brenham‌

Consider this charming Vrbo bungalow just a mile from the town for accommodations in Brenham. It offers easy access to attractions such as Blue Bell Creameries, Pleasant Hill Winery, Tabu Tacos, and more.

Charming Vrbo Bungalow in Brenham Book Now

The Holiday Inn Express, part of the IHG Hotel family, is a reliable choice that rarely disappoints. The Brenham location is no exception, providing all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay. These include complimentary parking, a fitness center, breakfast, reliable Wi-Fi, and well-appointed guest rooms.

The Holiday Inn Express Houston Book Now

As you can see, there are so many options for planning a weekend getaway in Houston! Whether immersing in the city's rich history, indulging in delicious cuisine, or exploring its vibrant art scenes, Houston's lively character leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.