When packing for a plane trip with camping supplies in tow, make sure to understand all of the Transport Security Administration's rules and regulations, especially when it comes to the camp stove. Because camp stoves are operated using flammable propane, it is necessary to carefully prepare the camp stove and fuel bottles for flight.

Camp Stove Regulations

Camp stoves are permitted to be packed as either carry-on or checked luggage. However, in order to transport the camp stove via airplane, it is necessary to empty the camp stove of its fuel and clean it out thoroughly so there are no vapors or residue left behind. Emptying the fuel container is not enough; this will leave flammable vapors behind. Make sure to drain and clean the stove days before the departure date and let it thoroughly air out, so there is no lingering odor of propane.


If the camp stove is inspected and found to have residue of any flammable vapors on it, you may be forced to abandon it at airport security before being allowed to board the flight. For this reason, TSA recommends that passengers stay on the safe side and ship their camp stoves and fuel containers to their destination ahead of time, saving them time and a hassle during their time at the airport.

Other Camping Equipment

All flammable items are banned from the checked luggage as well as the carry-on bags, including gasoline, compressed gas cylinders, aerosol insecticides and many types of animal repellants. Flares are also banned from all luggage. Knives and other sharp tools can only be packed in checked luggage and must be wrapped to prevent airport security from being injured while randomly checking the luggage. Hunting and fishing items like spear guns, tackle equipment and bows and arrows must be packed in checked bags, while fishing rods that meet size requirements for the airline carrier can be carried on-board the flight.

Passing Through Airport Security

Make sure to check with the airline for complete guidelines on bringing camping gear with you for the flight. Each airline has its own policies. Many camping organizations recommend to print out a copy of TSA's regulations on camp stoves and traveling with camping equipment and keep it when passing through airport security. If bringing a cleaned-out fuel bottle, you'll want to bring it through security with the lid off, so TSA agents can clearly see that the bottle is empty.