These days, tuxedos are reserved for extra-special events -- weddings, awards ceremonies, luxury cruises and the like. You want to look your very best, even after your tuxedo has been packed in your luggage for a cross-country flight. Your goal is to minimize wrinkles and arrive with a suit that is wearable upon arrival, without ironing or cleaning. Take a little care when packing and your best suits will stay stylish and fresh throughout your trip.

With Garment Bag

Step 1.

Choose the right garment bag. Men's Wearhouse notes that bags are made specifically for the purpose of transporting suits; they're wider and sturdier than the kind of garment bag used in a closet.

Step 2.

Leave your tuxedo on its hanger and in its plastic dry-cleaning bag if possible. The hanger will help your outfit keep its shape while in transport, and the plastic bags will add an extra layer of protection.

Step 3.

Carry on your tuxedo if possible. Store your garment bag hanging upright in a first-class closet on the plane if permitted; fold it in half and store it in an overhead bin if not.

Without Garment Bag

Step 1.

Leave your hangers at home. Use the hangers provided at your destination instead. Leaving out your hangers reduces your luggage's bulk and it also lessens the change that the hanger hook will snag on your clothing.

Step 2.

Turn your tuxedo jacket inside-out. Place the shoulders together and then fold in half. This helps protect your jacket's exterior.

Step 3.

Place your tuxedo pants and jacket in separate plastic bags, preferably of the dry-cleaning type. The plastic provides yet another layer of protection from dust and wrinkles.

Step 4.

Keep each bag as flat as possible as you pack the rest of your suitcase.

Things You Will Need
  • Garment bag

  • Hanger

  • Plastic dry-cleaning bags


Hang up your suit immediately upon arrival, preferably overnight. Even if it emerges a little rumpled from your airline bag, it will often magically shed those wrinkles as it hangs.


Pack a lint brush, too, just in case some fluff or pet hair manages to find its way onto your tuxedo before you're ready to wear it.