Many people who work in or visit New York City end up staying in New Jersey for cheaper accommodation. This means that if they book a flight out of JFK Airport in the city, they must be able to reach the airport from New Jersey. Fortunately, when it comes to New Jersey and New York, state lines aren't much of an issue – there are several easy methods of transportation between the two places.

North Bergen is one of the most popular areas for New York visitors to stay, since it nestles against the New York border, and many hotels there offer shuttle services into the city. There are a few ways to travel from North Bergen to JFK: by car, train or airport shuttle.

By Car

The drive from North Bergen to JFK Airport can easily take an hour and a half, especially in traffic, but for people traveling in groups or with lots of luggage, it might be the simplest option. In a taxi, the trip will start at between $65 and $68, once you've added the standard initial fee, cost per mile and hourly waiting cost. It could cost more in high-traffic times. An Uber can cost just as much as a taxi, or even more – as much as $88 for an UberX, or $183 for a black car – if Uber demands are high and the company issues a price surge.

By Train

You can also hop on the train (or subway) to get from North Bergen to JFK. This trip can often be shorter than driving, taking between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on your route of choice. The shortest route is to take line 2 or 3 from North Bergen to Penn Station, get on the Jamaica line to Jamaica Station, then board the AirTrain JFK Red line all the way to the airport. The trip should take between an hour and an hour and 15 minutes, and cost $16 in total, at the most.

By Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttles are probably the most expensive option for getting from North Bergen to the airport, but they're an option nonetheless. GO Airport Shuttle offers a shared shuttle service that fits up to 10 passengers, but the rate for a trip from North Bergen to JFK is about $205 per person. The same company offers a private sedan service at a cheaper rate of about $150 per person, but the sedan fits a maximum of three people. Carmel Car & Limo provides an even cheaper private sedan airport shuttle service, estimating the trip cost at about $86 per person, but again, the sedan holds only three passengers.