Memphis summers can be sweltering, with average temperatures reaching 90 degrees and the added humidity from the Gulf of Mexico making it feel even hotter. To escape the relentless heat and humidity, water parks are a perfect solution, providing a refreshing and fun experience for the whole family. Fortunately, there are several water parks located near Memphis, Tennessee, offering a wide range of attractions and water features to ensure a cool and exciting summer adventure.

Wild River Country

Located approximately 130 miles west of Memphis in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Wild River Country spans 26 acres and features 13 attractions, including thrilling slides, rides, and pools. Upon arrival, guests can rent tubes at the locker station and embark on a thrilling journey through attractions like Vertigo, Vortex, Black Lightning, and White Lightning. For a more relaxing experience, visitors can enjoy the gentler Wild River Rapids and Wave Pool. Tad Pool is designed specifically for small children, with miniature slides, waterfalls, and shooting fountains, all supervised by a lifeguard. Wild River Country operates on weekends from May through September.

Seven Peaks Water Park and Fun Center

Located approximately 150 miles north of Memphis in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Seven Peaks Water Park and Fun Center offers both wet and dry attractions for a full day of entertainment. Visitors can lazily float down the Canyon River on inner tubes or indulge in the thrill of go-kart racing on the 750-foot track. The park operates on a pay-per-attraction basis, allowing guests to purchase entry to the water park and then choose additional activities such as go-kart rides, mini-golf games, and batting cage sessions. Alternatively, visitors can opt for the "Pass of All Passes," which grants unlimited access to the water park and all its attractions. While the dry attractions are available during weekday afternoons, the entire park is closed on Sundays.

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park

Situated nearly 200 miles south of Memphis in Choctaw, Mississippi, Geyser Falls Water Theme Park welcomes guests with the mist from the Geyser Flats at the front gate. The park offers an array of thrilling attractions, including the Backsplash water slide, a roller-coaster-like experience, and Pike's Peak, a four-and-a-half-story high slide that provides an exhilarating ride. For those seeking relaxation, Clearwater Key offers a tropical environment with white sand, palm trees, and crystal-clear pools. Adults can unwind at the Beach Club, which features a restaurant, tiki bar, and pool. Geyser Falls operates during the summer months, providing endless fun and enjoyment.

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Water and Theme Park

Located approximately 200 miles west of Memphis, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Water and Theme Park offers an unforgettable experience for water enthusiasts. With attractions like Boogie Blast, Rapid Falls Raceway, and Seven Falls Slide Tower, thrill-seekers can indulge in heart-pumping adventures. Novice swimmers can enjoy the gentle waves of family attractions like the Kodiak Canyon Adventure River. It's important to note that denim clothing is prohibited on all attractions. Magic Springs operates from April through August and offers ticket discounts for seniors, toddlers, and weekday entry.

Whether you prefer thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, or relaxing poolside cabanas, these parks offer a wide range of attractions to suit everyone's taste. For additional water park experiences or a change of scenery, visitors can explore indoor water parks, such as those in Nashville or Gatlinburg, or plan a trip to Dollywood's Splash Country near Gatlinburg. These parks offer a variety of water attractions, lazy rivers, play structures, and even zip lines for added adventure. Some parks also provide indoor pools, perfect for year-round fun and enjoyment.

Whether you choose an outdoor water park or an indoor water park adventure, these family-friendly attractions ensure an unforgettable summer filled with thrill rides, refreshing water features/spray features, and endless opportunities for fun. So, beat the heat, get ready to dive into a world of summer fun and create lasting memories at the best water parks near Memphis.


On a day with less stifling temperatures, you may want to check out the Memphis Zoo, another family-friendly experience you’ll be sure to enjoy!