Maine's 5,500 miles of coastline is rich in places to hunt for colorful sea glass. After years of erosion from tumbling tides, sea glass pieces – dumped or washed into the ocean from various sources long ago – become smooth and uniquely shaped treasures for collectors. Low tide is the best time to seek sea glass on Maine's beaches, especially after a storm. Whether you use your found treasures for crafts or ornaments, sea glass makes a lovely souvenir to bring home from the beaches of Maine.

Downeast and Acadia Beaches

Beaches in the Downeast and Acadia region of Maine provide abundant sea glass, with some beachcombers finding up to 15 pieces per hour. Listed as one of the top sea glass beaches in Maine, Bar Island features a rocky coast filled with sea glass of various colors. Bar Island has a high-tide sand bar where the sea glass collects within the rocky shore and is easily visible during low tide. Acadia National Park has two primary beaches where sea glass is easily found: Sand Beach and Frenchman's Bay. Pale pink sea glass is one of the most sought-after in this area.

Roque Bluffs State Park is also rated as excellent for finding sea glass, with more green- and blue-hued glass than most beaches. In the Lubec and Machias areas, sea glass hunters will want to visit Mowry Beach, South Lubec Beach, Jasper Beach and McLellan's Park. Hundreds of pieces are along the rocky shores and in some shoreline caves. Jonesport has a small, rock-filled beach where sea glass collects; at the beaches on the Cranberry Islands, glass hunters have found several pieces of dark blue and red glass.

Midcoast Beaches

Phippsburg has two popular beach areas for finding sea glass. Head Beach's left side has rockier shores where sea glass collects among the rocks and sand, while Fort Popham's beach features an old pool area where collectors can find numerous pieces of clear, green, blue and brown glass. At Belfast's beach, sea glass colors include sea green, white, brown, purple and blue, and a dozen or more pieces can be found in just an hour of beachcombing. Boothbay Harbor's rocky beach is also a good place to find glass pieces, which become trapped within the rocks as the tides go in and out. Other good sea glass beaches along Maine's midcoast include Brunswick's Land's End, Lincolnville Beach, Monhegan Island's Fish Beach and Bailey Island's Mackerel Cove.

Greater Portland and Casco Bay Beaches

Portland's East End Beach is one of the hottest sea glass hunting spots in this region. It is recommended that beachcombers bring a good-sized bucket for all the sea glass you will find. Glass of all colors can be found on this beach, and hunting can turn into an all-day event. Peaks Island in Casco Bay is another prime spot. Although this beach is more crowded during summer, you can still find a good supply during early morning when the tide is out.

South Coast Beaches

At Kennebunkport's Middle Beach, the best time to go sea glass hunting is from late fall to early spring, during the tourism off-season. You are likely to find more glass when there is not as much traffic to the beach. South Portland's Spring Point Beach is another good area to find sea glass, as well as take in scenic views of the beach's lighthouse of the same name, constructed in 1808.