Obtaining or renewing a passport requires a head shot, but not just any profile photo will do. Photos requirements for passports are a bit stringent and must be a certain size. Avoid the hassle of figuring out the specifics by getting passport photos taken at Walmart, or by uploading them to Walmart's website and picking up the printouts at a local Walmart location.

Online Version

An online photo-processing tool on Walmart's website can be used to upload a profile shot, then print it at your nearest Walmart store. To upload a photo, select "passport photos" from the photos section of the Walmart website. Select "create now" to upload a photo from a computer, mobile device or even a social media account. A passport photo must be a front-facing head shot, taken without a hat, head covering or eyeglasses.

Once you've uploaded one or several potential passport images, select the "add photo" option to position an image in Walmart's passport template. Adjust the zoom level and positioning of the image until it fits the head outline on the template to create an appropriate passport photo. Select "preview" to ensure the image is crisp and clear. Once happy with the photo, click "add to cart" and click through to pay for the purchase. Select an in-store option to pick up the photo at your local Walmart location.

The passport photo package from Walmart includes two two-inch-square images printed on the same sheet of photo paper. Trim the images along the provided guidelines to the two-by-two photo specifications required for passports. Cut the images out carefully to ensure they're trimmed evenly, to fit the passport book. The passport only requires one of the photos, but it still must be trimmed to passport specifications.

Other Photo Requirements

If uploading your own image to Walmart's website to have it printed in store, several other requirements must be met to ensure the photo meets passport standards. The image should be taken against a plain white background. Both eyes must be fully open. As for facial expressions, only a neutral expression or a slight natural smile will do. Besides the rules barring eyeglasses and head coverings, other accessories such as earbuds and headphones are also not allowed in passport photos.

In-Store Photography

Many, if not most, Walmarts have a photo center in the store. Those that do offer passport photography service as well. To get passport photos taken in the store, visit the Walmart photo center and tell the representative you need passport photos taken. A photo center employee will take your photograph and provide the printed image designed to meet passport photo standards.