Teenagers usually have lots to do in Canada. Whether it’s skiing with the family in Banff, Alberta or visiting the CN Tower glass floor in Toronto, teenagers won’t be bored. If you’re looking to have some fun in the evening, there are plenty of establishments that welcome teens of all ages.

Understand the Age Restrictions

Unlike the United States, where the legal drinking age is 21, Canada’s laws favor teens in this area. If you’re in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec, the legal drinking age is 18. When visiting ​​​​​​​British Colu​mbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon​​, keep in mind that the legal drinking age is 19. As such, some teenagers are able to legally enter bars and nightclubs and partake in the festivities across the country.

Consider All-Ages Venues

If you’re looking to find a venue that caters to younger teens, plenty of establishments welcome the all-ages crowd – which typically refers to those 16 and over. Some clubs will host special all-ages nights during which teenagers younger than the minimum drinking age are allowed in. Keep in mind, though, that alcohol is still not served to those who are underage. Often, no alcohol will be served during all-ages nights, or in cases when it's served, identification is checked rigorously. Check the local clubs in your area to find any offering all-ages nights when you’re looking to go out; schedules change frequently. Keep in mind that many all-ages nights are held on Thursday evenings, though you will be able to find venues that offer all-ages nights on Fridays and Saturdays too.

Look at Other Alternatives

Clubs aren’t the only places for night owl teenagers to have fun. Many concert venues have all-ages events throughout Canada. In addition, local pubs, pool halls and bars will also allow teenagers if it's before a set time, which is usually the early evening. If you’re interested in board games, Toronto sensation Snakes & Lattes is an all-ages venue where patrons can play a variety of unique card and board games while sipping drinks and eating delicious fare. Plus, it’s open until the wee hours of the morning. In Montreal, chocolate cafes are plentiful, serving drinks and dishes centered on the delicious confection. Many are also open in the late evening.

Some event companies hold all-ages parties in banquet halls and community centers. In university/college cities like Toronto, you’ll find frosh nights hosted by entertainment companies that cater to new university or college students, many of whom are under the legal drinking age. These are dance parties at various venues around the city. Alcohol is sometimes served, though never without checking identification. For any venue, keep in mind that lineups outside can often last an hour or two before everyone is let in, which, in the winter months in Canada, can be taxing because of the cold.