Travelers to Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island, Bahamas, have several choices when considering food options, all of which can run about the same cost. Vacationers may opt to buy the resort food plan, pay for meals as they go, or buy their own food in a neighboring grocery store. Each choice comes with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Meal Plan

With little guesswork involved, some travelers may believe this is the right option. As of June 2013, the meal plans run between $80 and $130 per day, per person, but these plans continually fluctuate with resort seasons and specials. The Atlantis meal plan allows diners to eat at a number of restaurants and cafes on the property. No need to keep eyes on prices, they are included. However, what many vacationers don't realize until after they have chosen this option is that Atlantis' celebrity chef restaurants, such as Nobu and Bobby Flay's, will not accept the dining card. Neither will either Starbucks, and several of the poolside food stands. Instead, patrons are relegated to using the Atlantis meal plan only at select restaurants.

Pay as You Go

Many people opt to pay only for the food they want, when they want. While this might seem like a good way to save a few dollars, in reality, costs are likely to rise above $100 per person, per day. Unfortunately, there are few choices for light snacks at Atlantis. A plate of nachos can run well over $10, and as of 2013, a liter bottle of water is $9. In the end, most vacationers who choose this option end up buying three pricey meals per day -- but travelers may eat where they choose.

Local Grocery Store

This is a good option, especially for those traveling with small children. Atlantis has two properties with kitchens: the Reef, and the Harborside Resort. Vacationers may choose to make adequate, and economical, use of them by visiting Bayside Food Store on Frederick Street, just steps from the Paradise Island Ferry. This small, independent grocery store is packed with the essential products found in U.S. grocery stores, but be forewarned. Imported food costs more in the Bahamas, and just about everything is imported. A bag of groceries that costs $50 in the U.S. may run approximately $75.


To maximize enjoyment and minimize costs at Atlantis, consider packing dried snacks. The Transportation Security Administration allows "reasonable" sums of factory-sealed food in carry-on or checked luggage, as do customs officials in the Bahamas. Beef jerky, raisins and power bars travel well; potato chips do not. Consider buying perishable goods and bottled water at a local grocery store for light snacks, or small meals -- then enjoy one of several world-class restaurants at Atlantis. After all, you're on vacation.