There are few experiences in life that can be as uncomfortable and upsetting as walking into a hotel room and finding it to be filthy. Whether the problem is bugs, bodily fluids, dirt, mildew, mold or something else, you will likely be upset. If you have had an experience like this and want the hotel to be investigated, there are several ways that you can increase public scrutiny of the hotel.

Report the state of the room to the hotel manager immediately upon arrival. The manager should move you to a new room or give you a discounted rate or other promotion in order to compensate you for your inconvenience.

Take pictures of the state of the room. Take multiple close-up pictures to help build your case.

If you see blood or evidence of illegal activity, call local authorities.

Call the local health department. Its number should be listed in the local Yellow Pages.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to report the state of your room, as well as how you were treated after bringing the room's condition to the attention of the management.

Share your experience via your blog or a travel website.

Email or call the local newspaper. By sharing your experience with a reporter or an editor, they may launch an investigation of their own. Make sure to offer them your photos as well.

Report your experience to local TV stations, or even national news stations if the hotel is a national chain.