Drinking isn't necessarily the key to a fun evening out. Those under 21 can still dance the night away at one of Hawaii's lively dance clubs and best night clubs, most of which are located in and around Honolulu, on Oahu. Grab a group of friends, dress to the nines, prepare a signature karaoke song, and hit the Hawaiian dance floor. From Waikiki beach play bars or hula’s bar, to dance clubs and gay bars, the Hawaiian islands have their fair share of happy hour destinations to grab a mai tai.

Addiction Night Club

Go behind the velvet rope to access Addiction Night Club, a hot spot in Honolulu that offers dancing and VIP table service. The club is located inside the Modern Honolulu Hotel and it's open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There are themed nights, with different events and promotions throughout the weekend, so check online to find the best day to come. The dress code is upscale casual, so leave any shorts and hats at home. Table reservations are available in advance online.

Ginza Nightclub

Those looking to stay out late can wait in line for Ginza Nightclub, also in Honolulu. Known as "Honolulu's Exclusive After Party Destination," the club goes until 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Book a spot on the guest list for easy entry the day before or reserve a VIP table, which offer bottle service to the legal drinkers in your group. Follow the club on Facebook to keep in touch with upcoming events and DJs.

The District Nightclub

The District Nightclub is a more recent arrival to Honolulu's club scene, offering a massive 3,400 square feet of space on Kapiolani Blvd to dance and enjoy the night, playing hip hop, rap, EDM, and more alongside live performers. There's also a VIP lounge, 12 private tables and a VIP club that invites members over 21 to join for a fee. The dress code is business casual, which means no flip-flops, backless sandals, shorts or beat up sneakers. The club also requests that female guests wear heels, although you can decide whether to succumb to that antiquated request on your own. Make a reservation for a VIP table or the guest list online or by emailing the club.

The Manifest

Located in Honolulu's Chinatown, The Manifest is an edgy nightlife spot that is a cafe, bar and nightclub all in one. It's open daily, with shorter hours on Sunday, and the DJ hits the decks on weeknights starting at 10 p.m. Those looking for something more low-key can attend one of Manifest Art Gallery's six yearly art shows or head in for Trivia Tuesdays. Check the online events calendar to see what's upcoming, including live music performances and late night parties. Food and coffee are served, as well as an impressive cocktail menu to be made by skilled bartenders (for those old enough to indulge).

Additional destinations worth researching include the clubs near the Ala Moana area or Ala Moana shopping center. Kapahulu, Waimanalo, Kaneohe, or Waikiki and Diamond Head also have great nightlife options to get any traveler in the aloha spirit.