It is now possible to accurately check a flight's near-exact location as well as its up-to-date arrival time. Most flight-tracking sites display information given by the Federal Aviation Administration's Aircraft Situation Display to Industry feed. This feed gives information on where in United States' airspace flights are at a given time. Furthermore, some software, such as that produced by AirNav Systems, offers flight-tracking information the world over. The information is fairly accurate and refreshed frequently.

Collect the flight's airline and flight number or the departure and arrival cities.

Plug the air travel information into a flight tracker, such as Flight Status, Aeroseek, Flightview or Flight Aware. Some sites, such as Aeroseek, also allow you to search by particular information that you know or by airport. You can track using aircraft type, serial number, flight information of a specific flight, and departure airport or arrival airport.

Select "Track Flight," "Go" or another option to process your request. Through information from air traffic control (ATC), you can see flight history, flight stats, and live flight information including the specific flight's position, departure, and estimated arrival time. You can also see weather conditions and aeronautical charts on these sites.


You can download mobile apps that will track flights on your phone, using IOS on iPhones or through the Android app store. You can also set these up to get notifications for whether your flight is on-time, airport delays, check-in times, departure times, and cancellations.

You can also keep track flights in real time on your computer. AirNav Systems offers a program to track flights worldwide. For fun, some trackers let you click "Random Flight," which will generate a flight currently in progress that you can follow.

Depending on the airline, the flight might not be trackable.