United Airlines is the world’s third-largest airline, following Delta Airlines (based in Atlanta, Georgia) and American Airlines (based in Fort Worth, Texas). It’s a good thing, because with its headquarters in the Windy City – Chicago – it needs all the heft it can get to fly through the winds of that gale-force metropolis. United Airlines stands right in front of Emirates Airlines (based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates), and Southwest Airlines (based in Dallas, Texas). United’s main hubs are spread across six countries and a dozen cities, with more around the world through Star Alliance, the partner program United is a part of along with other major international airlines like Lufthansa and Air Canada.

Hubs in the United States

Chicago O’Hare International Airport‌ (ORD) is United's headquarters and is a massive airport less than an hour outside of the city. However, it is clean, bright and easily navigable. All mainline United flights depart from Terminal 1, where you can catch a glimpse of the light show in the famous underground tunnel that links Concourses B and C. Although most United Express flights actually utilize Terminal 2, note that all ticketing and baggage facilities are located in Terminal 1. You also have your selection of nearly 100 eateries throughout all the terminals, and even a yoga room in Terminal 3, where you can stretch out those tight muscles after a long flight.

George Bush International Airport‌ (IAH) in Houston is United's largest hub. Operating out of Terminals A, B, C and E, it’s the airline’s main hub for Latin America. And luckily, Terminal C is where you'll find all the newest and trendiest restaurants from some of the city’s best chefs, including James Beard Award winners Chris Shepherd and Hugo Ortega.

Denver International Airport‌ (DEN) is the largest airport in the United States by total land area and the only one to use an environmental management system covering the entire airport helping to reduce its carbon footprint. The airport also has a Canine Airport Therapy Squad. Keep your eyes peeled and your arms open, ready for your flying jitters to be calmed by one of these furry volunteers.

Washington Dulles International Airport‌ (IAD) is one of the two main East Coast hubs for United, with many feeder flights to the eastern states and the Midwest. It’s also known for several transatlantic, international flights including Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, Munich, Paris-CDG, Rome, Dublin, Manchester, Geneva and Zurich. Check out the airport's super user-friendly interactive directory to plot out any shopping and dining needs prior to arrival.

Los Angeles International Airport‌ (LAX) is the smallest of United’s hubs, but it’s still a common stopover for travelers flying to and from Hawaii and Australia. LAX has great nonstops to London-Heathrow, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo-Narita. If you’re a VIP – or just want to act like one – lounges like the Private Suite makes flying in and out of LAX an absolute breeze. Don’t forget your sunglasses, the official celebrity accessory.

Newark Liberty International Airport‌ (EWR) is the New York-area hub for United. It’s an easier trip into the Big Apple than either of the other two New York airports, despite its location in New Jersey. As a jumping-off point for direct flights to many European, Latin American and Asian destinations, Newark boasts more direct routes to European destinations than any of United's other hubs. And that’s with only three terminals and three runways.

San Francisco International Airport‌ (SFO) is United’s major West Coast hub, with nonstop service to Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris and Tokyo. Keep your eyes sharp as you walk through the terminals, as SFO incorporates art throughout to create an environment that is both entertaining and educational.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport‌ (GUM) is in the U.S. territory of Guam and benefits from its proximity to mainland Asia. Passengers served include those coming from or returning to Japan as well as U.S. military personnel.

Hubs in Europe and Asia

Hubs in Europe are ‌Frankfurt Airport‌ (FRA) in Germany and ‌Heathrow Airport‌ (LHR) in London. For Asia, the hubs are ‌Hong Kong International Airport‌ (HKG) and ‌Narita International Airport‌ (NRT) in Tokyo. Make sure to check out Narita’s voice-powered airport guide, the first in the world, for your options while waiting at the airport.

These are just a few of the major hubs for United Airlines. For more information about United Airlines, you can visit their website, www.united.com.