It’s hard to imagine you would ever find a bad time to cruise from one tropical paradise to another. However, when it comes to voyaging across the Pacific Ocean from Ensenada, Mexico, to the Hawaiian Islands, you aren’t guaranteed smooth sailing 100 percent of the time. By identifying factors that may compromise the quality of your cruise, you can avoid experiencing a nightmare on the high seas.

Weather the Storm

Departing from the sultry seaside city of Ensenada on Mexico’s western coast to the sunny shores of the Hawaiian Islands means enduring a transpacific voyage void of sheltering land masses. This full exposure to the elements is exacerbated during the hurricane season. The Central Pacific basin’s hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November. The season peaks in July, August and September when cruise ships have the greatest chance of encountering a hurricane, tropical storm, tropical cyclone or tropical depression. While you will never be able to control the climate, you can reduce your chances of experiencing weather woes by selecting dates that don’t coincide with the height of the hurricane season.

When the Price is Right

One of the worst times to score a cheap cruise from Ensenada to Hawaii is during the holiday season – roughly late December until early January. The law of supply and demand fuels cruise companies to increase rates given the large number of travelers seeking to spend Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day basking in the tropics. Summer is another challenging time to secure a discount on an Ensenada-to-Hawaii sailing. Budget-conscious parents whose children are out of school in June, July and August often snatch up the limited bargains offered on Hawaiian cruises. Preserve your bank account by setting sail from the end of September until early December or from late April until late May following the spring break rush.

Crowd Control

If peace and tranquility are what you’re after on your cruise from Ensenada to Hawaii, the worst time to travel is when kids are out of school. Spring break, summer and Christmastime are prime time for families looking to bond on a transpacific voyage. The glut of rambunctious children may interfere with your quiet time. Summer also attracts high numbers of newlyweds taking honeymoon cruises, while January and February draw large crowds of whale watchers. To ensure adequate elbow room and serenity on the open ocean, sail when ships are less crowded in late September, October and early November.

Health Concerns

If you are susceptible to motion sickness, cruising to Hawaii from Ensenada can be torturous. Since no land sits between the coastal Mexican city and the Hawaiian Islands, cruise ships are extremely vulnerable to large Pacific waves. The situation is worst during the winter months when high winds fuel choppy waters and increase the size of swells. If you have major health issues, you may find no ideal time to sail from Ensenada to Hawaii given the number of days at sea. Most cruise companies spend no less than five consecutive days crossing the vast Pacific Ocean. During this period of isolation, you may not be able to receive emergency medical treatment in a timely manner. It’s imperative that you get clearance from your physician before departing on a cruise that includes a lengthy period of secluded sea time.