Finding one's "land legs'' refers to a condition where a person has an imbalance or rocking sensation after spending time on a boat. In its extreme form it is known as "mal de debarquement," which is French for disembarkation sickness. There is really no proven way to find one's land legs, other than to give it some time. However, some suggestions do exist to speed up the process, although the reports on whether any of these "cures'' actually work are mixed.

Step 1.

Keep moving after you get off the boat: Take a long walk to get your body reconditioned to being back on land. Do some motion exercises like jumping jacks. Yoga exercises can also help.

Step 2.

Ride in a car to re-create the sensation of moving.

Step 3.

Take care of yourself. Reduce stress and get enough sleep. Not enough sleep can enhance a motion imbalance.

Step 4.

Push with your thumb against a pressure point on your body, such as right above your wrist. This also helps reduce stress, and might help control the motion sickness.

Step 5.

Take a decongestant or Dramamine. There is no conclusive medical evidence these will work once you get off a boat, but some people have reported success with these products.

Step 6.

Consult a doctor and ask for help if the condition continues over a long time. Medications like Klonopin, which is related to Valium, have been known to help. But keep in mind there's no definitive scientific proof these medications will actually cure your condition.


Be patient. Except in rare cases, the condition will eventually cure itself.

Sometimes feeling better is largely a matter of your attitude. If you think something is making you feel better, then sometimes you will feel better just because of your mental outlook.


Make sure you are not sick. If you are feeling wobbly, it's possible you are confusing something like the flu with mal de debarquement.