The New England Aquarium, on Long Wharf in downtown Boston, is a favorite among visitors to Beantown. Opened in 1969, the aquarium welcomes more than a million visitors each year, eager to see the 70 exhibits housing more than 800 species, ranging from playful penguins and sea lions to the multistory, 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Reef tank, home to Myrtle, the green sea turtle who has called the aquarium home for more than 40 years. The aquarium’s central location makes it easy to find, but because of Boston traffic and limited parking, taking the train is the most efficient means of getting there.

From the North

Travel via the Amtrak Downeaster train from points in southern Maine or New Hampshire. The trains run several times each day from stations in Portland, Maine; Wells, Maine; Durham, New Hampshire; and Haverhill, Massachusetts, among others. The trains run to Boston’s North Station.

Purchase a “Charlie” pass at North Station for the MBTA, or “T,” Boston’s public transportation system. The minimum card value is $5; as of 2012, a one-way trip on a MBTA train is $2.

Ride either the Green or Orange Line train from North Station to the Blue Line. Take the Green Line toward Heath Street, and transfer at Government Center for the Blue Line. If you choose the Orange Line, take the Forest Hills train and transfer at State Street.

Get off the Blue Line train at the Aquarium stop. The aquarium is 100 yards from the station exit.

From the South

Travel via the MBTA Commuter Rail from one of the South Shore stations to South Station in Boston. You can also catch a Red Line train from a station just outside of Boston, such as Braintree or Quincy.

Take the Red Line from South Station toward Alewife; if you took the Red Line from outside the city, there is no need to transfer at South Station. Transfer to the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing.

Ride the Orange Line train to State Street. Transfer to the Blue Line, then disembark at the Aquarium stop.

From the West

Ride the commuter rail from one of the western Massachusetts stations into Boston. Trains from Lowell and Fitchburg arrive at North Station. Trains from Stoughton/Providence, Needham, Franklin and Worcester arrive at South Station.

From South Station, take the Red Line to Downtown Crossing and transfer to the Orange, then Blue lines. From North Station, take the Green or Orange lines to Government Center or State Street, respectively, then transfer to the Blue Line.

Ride the Blue Line to the Aquarium stop. Walk to the aquarium from the exit.

Things You Will Need
  • MBTA map

  • MBTA "Charlie" pass


Amtrak trains from other cities outside of the greater Boston area arrive at South Station.

If the weather is nice, it’s often faster to walk to the aquarium from both North and South stations than taking the "T". From North Station, walk south along Atlantic Avenue and the Rose Kennedy Memorial Greenway until you reach the aquarium. From South Station, walk north along Atlantic Avenue.