Along the Connecticut River, Southern New Hampshire - Westmoreland Depot NH Scenic Drive

Preview: River routes have a unique character all of their own. The mountains that we are used to in this area of Vermont and New Hampshire tend to fade into the background, while valleys and fields create a natural highway on a grand scale. The distances and views here are not seen from mountain tops, but rather from across meadows, and, perhaps most beautiful of all, from the river’s edge. Whether we gaze up, down, or across this magnificent New England river, there is a heightened sense of poetry, as with any great natural feature. And its poetry is not diminished by season or weather. Even time and the encroachment of modern man has not destroyed the beauty of the Connecticut River, which provides the boundary between Vermont and New Hampshire and is perhaps in its most natural state here. Generally speaking, the foliage along rivers tends to turn and peak a week or so later than the surrounding higher altitudes, leaving quite a bit of green along the river while it is peak season in the outlying areas. There are plenty of maples, but they are not as dominant as in other parts of the state. The mixture of evergreens, oaks, birches, beech, box elder and the occasional willow gives this area a slightly more subdued coloring. This chapter is a scenic drive with detailed information on the New England towns of Westmoreland Depot, Walpole, Drewsville, Bellows Falls, Charlestown, Cornish, and Hanover. Highlights: Connecticut River, historic towns, pumpkin patches, antique shops, cheese-making plant, historic sites, foliage train ride, longest covered bridge in U.S., Bellows Falls, colonial fortification replica, Saint-Gaudens historic site, towns of Walpole and Hanover.
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Best Time to Go: Year-round, ideal for fall colors
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Autumn Rambles of New England Guide Book

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