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Preview: There are only two natural freshwater lakes in the state of Virginia, and they couldn’t be more different, either in location or style. One – the one that doesn’t concern us here – is Lake Drummond, in the Dismal Swamp near Norfolk. The other is across the state, 3,872 feet above sea level in the Allegheny Mountains. No wonder it’s called Mountain Lake. The setting is really stunning. Thousands of trees fill the land surrounding the lake, which drops steeply down to the water’s edge, the altitude giving the impression that you are standing on top of the world. Mountain Lake is open only during the summer months, between May 1 and October 31. That in itself makes it unusual, considering how many mountain-top resorts focus on winter sports. Don’t worry, though; it would be difficult to get there in the snow anyway. This chapter contains romantic places to stay, the best restaurant discoveries, and the fun activities and special moments that a couple will remember forever.
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Duration: A Weekend or more
Best Time to Go: All seasons
This travel guide comes from:
Romantic Weekends: Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC Guide Book

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