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Preview: There are many cities surrounded by beautiful countryside; still others have important historical connections. Some even have both. But few of these have been touched by the hands and mind of a genius. Charlottesville is most fortunate indeed; it’s been blessed by nature, steeped in tradition and touched by Thomas Jefferson. Today, Charlottesville is recognized as a major cultural and intellectual center. The credit for this goes to one man – Thomas Jefferson. His enduring legacy attracts people from every corner of the world. There seems to have been nothing that was beyond his intellect and ability. As a politician, he was instrumental in the Revolution, penning the Declaration of Independence and serving as Governor of Virginia. He was also the first United States minister plenipotentiary to foreign governments, acted as Secretary of State, was elected Vice President and – between 1801 and 1809 – led the country as its third President. These represent just a portion of his achievements. But it is his activities as an educator and architect that have left the biggest mark on Charlottesville. This chapter contains romantic places to stay, the best restaurant discoveries, and the fun activities and special moments that a couple will remember forever.
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Duration: A Weekend or more
Best Time to Go: All seasons
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Romantic Weekends: Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC Guide Book

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