Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach SC Romantic Getaway

Preview: The Grand Strand of South Carolina is a 60-mile stretch of beach reaching from the North Carolina State line to Georgetown. Myrtle Beach hosts over 13,000,000 visitors annually, has over 490 hotels – with many more under construction, lists approximately 1,500 places to eat, is home to 102 golf courses and 46 more miniature golf courses, and boasts 11 live entertainment theaters that seat a total of 17,700 people. Adding to this array are other places of entertainment, including a wonderful aquarium, an alligator adventure, a NASCAR Speedpark, a number of water parks, and a zoo – to name a few. This chapter contains romantic places to stay, the best restaurant discoveries, and the fun activities and special moments that a couple will remember forever.
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Duration: A Weekend or more
Best Time to Go: All seasons
This travel guide comes from:
Romantic Weekends: The Carolinas & The Georgia Coast Guide Book

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