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Preview: Because we’re situated so close to the shore of Long Island Sound, it might seem logical to assume that Fairfield County residents enjoy plenty of access to sandy beaches. That’s true in some cases but not in others: While those living in “beach towns” like Westport, Greenwich, Norwalk, and Stamford can readily get parking stickers (read: access) to beaches in their towns, those living a bit farther inland won’t find it so easy to enjoy the sand and surf. Until recently, nonresidents were denied beach access altogether—locals paid the taxes to maintain the beaches, and locals enjoyed sole rights to pop open the umbrellas and build sandcastles. But a spate of lawsuits prompted town and city governments to allow access to outsiders, usually by means of purchasing a limited number of nonresident parking passes or paying hefty daily parking fees. This remains a sensitive subject for people on both sides of the issue. Despite the controversy, however, Fairfield County’s beaches remain as beguiling as ever. And there’s always Sherwood Island State Park, which is open to anyone willing to pay the state-imposed entrance fee. This travel guide contains information for travel and vacation planning in the Fairfield County area with a specific focus on Fairfield County's beaches, parks and outdoor recreation areas.
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