Berkeley Springs: It Rubs Me the Right Way - Berkeley Springs WV Weekend Getaway

Preview: Folks who love this little piece of West Virginia often call it a remnant of the 1960s, or at least the 1960s as we’d like to be able to remember them. Casual. Artsy. Laid-back, with time and leisure to ponder great philosophical issues. Tolerance of any and all eccentricities. No fast-food restaurants. Cheap movies. And all with great food like from Alice’s Restaurant—Alice is really named Tari, but you can still get anything you want. And everything’s affordable and manageable (heck, the entire town has only one telephone exchange number). Mix that in with a spa tradition that’s eighteenth-century Bath mixed with twentieth-century New Age, one of the nation’s leading artists’ colonies, and, yes, you’ll probably see Sasha the dog, too. You could spend your entire weekend floating from spa to spa, or simply from “treatment” to “treatment” within one spa (many folks do; note that appointments are generally necessary), but I’ll include some arts happenings, too. Everything is casual here—nothing more formal than clean socks. Oh, and pack some water jugs, too. The detailed itinerary in this chapter is a driving tour that features extensive recommendations for sightseeing attractions, recreational activities, lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more.
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Duration: Two nights
Best Time to Go: Year-round
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