Lancaster County, PA: Back Roads Through Long Ago - Lancaster PA Weekend Getaway

Preview: Along Route 30, the main road that goes straight through the heart of Lancaster, you’ll see lots of neon lights, a Pennsylvania Dutch–themed amusement park, just about every outlet store you can think of, and horse-drawn buggies filled with waving tourists. This Lancaster often surprises visitors who have come to experience a different culture, a more basic way of life, and a quieter getaway. However, you can still find the Lancaster you seek, tucked away on green and rolling back roads and in small towns with names like Mt. Joy, Lititz, Intercourse, and Bird-in-Hand that virtually radiate from the relative metropolis called Lancaster City. If you choose to take these back roads, you will be immersed in another culture—actually, a variety of cultures. All of them have their roots in Switzerland where, in 1525, a group of Christians known as Mennonites, after their leader Menno Simons, broke away from the state church because of basic differences in their interpretation of Biblical teachings. In the late 1600s, a Swiss Mennonite named Jakob Ammann and his followers broke away and formed a separate sect, the Amish. These differences give Lancaster County a character and flavor unlike any other place. Highlights include: cultural crossroads, traditional crafts, and farm food. The detailed itinerary in this chapter is a driving tour that features extensive recommendations for sightseeing attractions, recreational activities, lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more.
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Duration: Two nights
Best Time to Go: Year-round
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