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Preview: Nicknamed New York’s Key West, Fire Island has long been known as a carefree, barefoot kind of place, attracting a combination platter of humanity. Its occupants are made up of the year-rounders, summer home owners, summer renters, and short-term visitors including day-trippers. A barrier island stretching 32 miles along the southern side of Long Island and only a quarter-mile wide, Fire Island has a rich social and cultural history. resort development began here back in the 1890s with the establishment of a Chautauqua Assembly, a movement for Christian betterment through learning and the arts. After that tracts of land were bought up by developers and sold to city folk who were seeking vacation lots. Before long the island became a patchwork of neighborhoods for different communities, often overlapping and coexisting harmoniously, whether involved in boating, fishing, family, and/or gay life. Fortunately, the island hasn’t changed much since its early days. No cars were allowed then—or now. The only means of transportation are feet, wagon, bicycle, and boat (golf carts and trucks for contractors).Though only 40 miles from New York City, it is a remote destination with wonderfully wide sandy beaches and unspoiled maritime forests. Most of the land is now protected by the federal government and has been designated the Fire Island National Seashore. Keep in mind that many hotels and restaurants close for the cold-weather months. The detailed itinerary in this chapter is a driving tour that features extensive recommendations for sightseeing attractions, recreational activities, lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more.
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Duration: One night
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