Bimini, Bahamas: The Complete Escape - Alice Town BF Weekend Getaway

Preview: Though you often hear the Bimini Islands called simply “Bimini,” they are really a group of several islands and cays stretching for almost 30 miles, with northernmost North Bimini and South Bimini being the destinations for most visitors. It’s common to use the term “Biminis” or “Bimini” when referring to the area. A seemingly perfect blend of the development of more major islands and the seclusion of other less-developed Out Islands, the Biminis are and will always be an ideal Bahamian getaway. Just 50 miles and a short and scenic flight from Miami, Bimini is another world away from bustling South Florida life. Historically, the Biminis have been a world-famous destination for anglers. More recently, excellent diving has become a big lure. But those who don’t fish or dive are now coming as well, thanks to the friendliness of the people, the charm of Alice Town and the rest of the Biminis, and decades-long tourism experience that helps every visitor enjoy the islands. The detailed itinerary in this chapter is a driving tour that features extensive recommendations for sightseeing attractions, recreational activities, lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more.
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Duration: Two nights
Best Time to Go: Year-round
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