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Preview: Rich in history that harks back to the earliest days of the Connecticut Colony, Mystic is a community that has witnessed the first of the painful compromises between settler and native, the glory days of whaling and shipbuilding, the rise of industrialization and the decline of agriculture. Throughout nearly three centuries, Mystic has remained a vital community that comprises diverse citizens engaged in the simple craft of building an American tradition. For many years in this century, Mystic has been a tourist destination, most notably because of Mystic Seaport, arguably the nation’s most outstanding maritime history museum. Now home to other notable attractions, Mystic is a destination for more tourists than ever before in its existence. Even its wonderful downtown, until somewhat recently unknown to out-of-towners, is now a thriving center enjoyed by tourists as well as townies. This chapter includes detailed descriptions of the best things to do in Mystic, places to eat and places to stay, boat excursions and charters, and sources of additional information.
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Best Time to Go: Year-round
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