The Southern Berkshires (Including Great Barrington, Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge) - Lenox MA Weekend Getaway

Preview: Since the late 1800s, when the families of the industrialist “robber barons” escaped New York City by fleeing to the Berkshires mansions they called “cottages,” the southern Berkshires has been a summer playground for New Yorkers seeking to escape the Hamptons and Bostonians who want to get away from the Cape. Since Great Barrington is almost the same distance from New York City as it is from Boston, it’s not surprising that the southern Berkshires are as popular with folks from New York as those from Massachusetts. Despite the area’s quaint charm, any Berkshires town you go to in the summer will be a hotbed of cultural activity. First among them is Lenox, where half a million visitors descend yearly to hear nightly performances at the famed Tanglewood music festival, a fixture here for decades and the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Booking a room here — or in any of the nearby communities, for that matter — can set you back dearly during the summer and particularly during the festival, but if you come during the off-season, you can still appreciate Lenox’s architecture, upscale dining, and deeply wooded, parklike surroundings with miles of hiking trails and scenic back roads. This chapter covers a complete weekend getaway. Inside you'll find information on what to see and do, tours, sports, shopping, local events, lodging, dining, and essential travel information.
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Duration: A weekend or longer
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