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Preview: From the 19th Century until fairly recently, Block Island was a popular (but slightly funky) summer destination for middle-class Rhode Island and Connecticut families, who maintained vacation homes, and for fun-loving day-trippers and yachtsmen, who usually didn’t stray too far from the ferry landing, where a convivial beach-and-bar scene was (and still is) guaranteed all summer long. However, in the 1990s Block Island was rediscovered by vacationers accustomed to spending summer getaways on Cape Cod or eastern Long Island, who have now built homes and driven up land prices. Happily, forward-thinking locals anticipated the day when the island would finally be noticed and, since 1967, consistently set aside open space to preserve the island’s moorlike character. Block Island has two harbors. Approaching by sea from Galilee / Point Judith, New London (Connecticut), or Newport, you’ll see Old Harbor, the island’s only true village, and its stunning group of Victorian hotels. Most of the island’s inns, shops, and restaurants are here, and it’s a short walk or taxi ride from the ferry landing to any hotel. A high-speed ferry from Galilee and a seasonal ferry from Montauk (New York) head for New Harbor in the Great Salt Pond. The southeast shore of Great Salt Pond has two hotels, four casual dockside restaurants, a few nightspots, and yacht services — some 2,000 private boats might be moored here on a busy summer weekend. This chapter covers a complete weekend getaway. Inside you'll find information on what to see and do, tours, sports, shopping, local events, lodging, dining, and essential travel information.
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Duration: A weekend or longer
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