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Preview: On the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, has a small-town spirit because it is more a collection of neighborhoods than a sprawling urban metropolis. First settled by Potowatomi and later by French fur traders in the 18th century, the city boomed with the arrival of German brewers. Today, their legacy is carried on by macro and micro breweries, cultural institutions that continue to thrive, and a diverse manufacturing, service, and shipping economy. Most people, however, know Milwaukee’s lakefront from its enormous, and enormously popular, festival site, which hosts some of the country’s biggest beer-and-brats blasts, such as Summerfest. Since the late 1990s, the city has steadily added to the lakefront’s year-round amenities. The expansion only makes the lakefront evermore user-friendly. Not only can you go to a lakefront festival in August, but you now can spend a snowy January afternoon having lunch in a glass-walled café just yards from Lake Michigan’s crashing waves or strolling through the architectural splendor of its art museum. This chapter covers a complete weekend getaway. Inside you'll find information on what to see and do, tours, sports, shopping, local events, lodging, dining, and essential travel information.
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Duration: A weekend or longer
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