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Preview: Silver Lake is a great place to bring a family. With resorts and another big campground nearby, there are always enough kids running around to entertain your own. The lake is a short walk away, where the kids congregate on the shore, and back at the campground the big boulders under the red firs draw youths like bees to honey. One climbs a rock, the others draw around, then they are off playing their own private games, and you can sit around and take it easy. Prime camping. And this area is beautiful! “Nothing in nature I am sure can present scenery more wild, more rugged, more bold, more romantic, and picturesquely beautiful than this mountain scenery” is how an early pioneer described it.
© Copyright Jane & Hans Huber with Bill Mai published by Menasha Ridge Press all rights reserved.

Duration: 28 sites for tents, 34 sites for tents or RVs, 15 reservable sites
Best Time to Go: Open June through November
This travel guide comes from:
The Best In Tent Camping: Northern California Guide Book

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