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Preview: Bear Lake (not to be confused with Bear Head Lake, further north) is one of two campgrounds selected within the George Washington State Forest. Situated in the upper corner of Itasca County, the uplands are forested and covered in the predominant species—red, white, and jack pine; two common evergreens, white spruce and balsam fir; and hardwoods (mostly paper birch and aspen). The lowlands are characterized by marshes and bogs with tamarack and black spruce making up the patches of trees throughout these areas. Northern white cedar, along with elm and ash, also add to the woodsy appeal of these areas. This campground was developed in the midst of a marshy area—at least that’s the impression one gets driving to the campsite. Bear Lake Campground is like a dry, forested oasis amid marshy, reed-lined bogs and other lowland vegetation. Like many other campgrounds in this region, Bear Lake was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It’s a simple campground, laid out like a dog bone along the northern shore of Bear Lake. Most of the sites are spacious throughout the loop, so the deciding factors are privacy and proximity to the lake. Activities: Fishing, swimming, and large picnic area.
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Duration: 27 rustic campsites
Best Time to Go: Year-round
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