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Preview: Walk-in campsites add even more lakeside overnighting options here. Isn’t life great when we are faced with a “win-win” choice? Bear Lake Campground offers three distinct camping options: walk-in camping, lakeside camping, or blufftop camping. Each option offers watery vistas and easy access to the campground’s namesake, Bear Lake. Of course, after you pick your campsite, you will have to decide whether to fish, swim, canoe, hike, bird-watch, or just relax in the hammock. Oh, life’s dilemmas!
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Duration: 32 individual sites
Best Time to Go: May through November
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The Best In Tent Camping: Wisconsin Guide Book

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Date of Trip: 3/8/2004
Rating: 5 Stars
Review: Bear Lake is a great campsite that anyone will find pleasant and peaceful-whether after a long drive, or a long hike. Bear Lake has huge swimming areas, scenic picnic vacinities and the view from any campsite is breathtaking. Our group was atop a bluff, which literally took my breath away everytime I emerged from my tent. If you are planning a camping trip in the Nicolet area, for sure head over to Wabeno and spend a day or two at Bear Lake's tranquil shorelines and fabulous campgrounds!

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