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Preview: The Florida Division of Forestry has made a commitment to improve its campgrounds. The commitment shows at Karick Lake South. At one time, the facilities were minimal and rundown. Today, the lakeside campground matches the scenery of the longleaf/wire grass ecosystem in a rustic way that tenters will enjoy. Expect to get a lot of relaxing done at this peaceful camp. The longleaf/wire grass ecosystem is the coastal plain’s forest of longleaf pine trees and its ground cover known as wire grass. This woodland, dependent on fire lest it eventually evolve to hardwoods, once extended over 60 million acres in the South. Now, less than 3 million acres remain. The area around Karick Lake is part of the largest contiguous remnant of the longleaf/wire grass ecosystem.
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Duration: 15 sites; Fee $9 per night
Best Time to Go: Open year-round
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