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Get away from it all in the islands
Get away from it all with an island vacation
Imagine, just for a moment, having a virtually inexhaustible pool of island getaways to peruse until you find the island vacation best suited to your tastes. No matter what your interests are - water sports, beach combing, resort stays, hiking - there's something about the unique pace of life found on island escapes that resonates with everyone.

If it's surrounded by water in the United States, the Caribbean, and in selected locations in Canada, is your primary resource for discovering what's available. Choose from romantic island escapes, luxury island vacations, weekend getaways at off-shore resorts, family vacations, boating and fishing vacations, and wilderness retreats - even some relatively deserted islands accessed only by boat or sea plane.

Your location and how far you wish to travel can help determine what island vacation makes the most sense. Island escapes come in all shapes and sizes - those with saltwater and coastal climates, warm or cooler temperatures, or islands in fresh water, such as those in the Great Lakes or St. Lawrence River. Other important factors include an island's history and population, the kind of accommodations and hotel amenities available, facilities for outdoors recreation and eco-adventures, opportunities for viewing wildlife and natural habitats, and of course, the price.

The travel specialists at recommend the following island destinations for your next great escape, although they're merely a sampler of what has to offer.

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